The Arace Children

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Happy Easter 2013!

Here I am checking out my Easter Basket (yes, that is a bowl - Daddy "accidentally" donated my Easter Basket in the move, so Mommy had to improvise)...

I put my new apron to good use and helped Daddy make the fruit salad for our brunch at Olivia's house. 

Easter Eggs

This was my first time coloring Easter Eggs. I was a natural and actually stayed pretty clean!

Backyard Egg Hunt

The Cohasset Easter Bunny came a little early this year....

It took us a while, but we eventually found all the eggs!

More French Toast

I love making french toast with Daddy! Sometimes I even eat it for dinner. I know all the ingredients and which order to use them. There is one special step that I like to do. I always take one bite of the bread before I put it in the egg mixture.

Topsfield Fair 2012

This year I was finally tall enough to go on the kiddie rides and boy did I have a blast!

video coming soon...

Apple Picking 2012

This year we went back to our old standby orchard for some low key family fun with the D'Italia Family. I had tons of fun collecting rocks with Liam, running down rows of apple trees with Liam and Rocco, and my first tractor hayride with mommy and daddy.  

After, we had lunch in Concord and picked up some fresh ingredients for YaYa's famous potato leek soup at Hutchins Farm. It was a perfect fall day!