The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

More Hand Holding with Mila

Aren't we cute?!! Mommy thinks I look like a little Justin Bieber in these photos!

Parco with Mila

Today at the playground Mila and I were having a lot of fun playing together. We were holding hands, helping each other up the play structures, and going down the slide together. When I lost sight of Mila I would say "Mina, are you?..." [translated: "Mila, where are you?]

Mommy thinks it was super cute!

Rainy Day Indoor Playdate

The weather was yucky today, so I invited my buddies Mila and Zak over to play!

They all ate their pasta like good little kids - I just licked my butter off my bread and said "all done!"

day at the beach with my crew

Today, we showed my friends Zak and Mila (and their mommies) our local beach over at Castle Island. We play together all day and had a blast! Out mommies didn't really plan for a beach day (they were thinking playground and picnic), but we had other ideas and went straight for the sand and water. While I was taking a juice break I decided to help my self to a stranger's beach chair (bottom left photo)! They didn't mind though.

After all that playing I was pretty tired, so I told mama "No more park mama! Home! HOME!" We walked almost 8 miles that day, so mommy was tired too!

5A Mt Vernon Street Mommies Club

Today, Olivia came up with her mommy and looked at some of my cool baby books while I watched Thomas.

She was wearing one of the cute little outfits I picked out for her!

The Boys Are Back In Town!

Ollie and Charlie are here and we're having a blast!

Stone Zoo with the D'Italia Boys!

Enzo almost slept through another zoo trip, but after a little nudging and strategic placement by a train ride, he woke up and actually saw some animals!

click to see a larger show

Make Way for Ducklings [and diggers]

We fed them mulch, sat on them, and then eventually ignored them and played in the dirt!

Current Favorite Activity

Running while holding hands!

Enzo had a blast playing with his buddy Zak. So cute!!

[and it doesn't hurt that it tires them out!]

My First Whale Watch mommy says. I met up with my buddy Liam B., his mommy Suzanne and VaVa to go on a big boat and to see some whales. I fell asleep about 40 minutes into the trip and woke up as the boat was docking back in Boston Harbor. Mommy claims I missed lots of really cool whales... yeah mom, just like you said that I missed the zoo in the middle of New York City and a zoo where you're allowed to pet the animals.

At least I had fun playing with my construction vehicles with Liam!