The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Watching Zak and Making Monsters

Today, my buddy Zak came over for a bit and we had a blast playing with ALL of my toys and running around the house. Mommy read us a story, we had lunch and we even did a craft project and made our very own monster puppets! 

After a few hours mommy finally cracked and let us watch an episode of curious george because we were getting a little wild. We showed mommy we know how to kick back and relax too. What a fun day!

Babysitting Olivia

More playtime with my little friends! This time Olivia came over for the day while her mommy and daddy went to a wedding. I was very nice and shared my toys and entertained her.

We even took a nap at the same time!

Babysitting Zak

Today, Zak came to my house and mommy watched him for a few hours. We had a lot of fun playing together!

We even ate some lunch for her!!

Christmas Eve 2011 with Nonna, Nonno & Family

I had a blast playing with my new toys from Nonna and Nonno and sharing them with my buddies Leo and Landon!


Great Grandma Dee Dee's Birthday Surprise!

Today, we drove to NY state to surprise Nanny on her @#th birthday! I got to see all of my little cousins and most of my big cousins too. I had a fantastic time!

Enzo and Zak Pru Courtyard Play

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Squirrel Up a Tree

Today might have been one of the nicest days of the year in Boston. Clear blue skies, no humidity and warm enough for no jackets! We spent some time with my buddy Zak in the public garden while admiring the pretty leaves that are just now turning colors here. I also had a blast chasing all the super chubby squirrels up the huge old trees in the garden.

Buggy Bumper Cars

Today, Zak and I invented a new game - buggy bumper cars!!

What a blast!!

Apple Picking (and Pumpkin Picking) 2011




Topsfield Fair with the D'Italia boys and Zak!

Last year I slept through the petting zoo, but not this year! I loved feeding the goats and boy were they hungry! We also saw chickens and ducks and bunnies and cows and pigs... I loved them all! Liam, Rocco and Zak enjoyed all the animals too!

Thanks for having fun guys!