The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Bath time, yay!

I LOVE taking baths in the evenings now! Doesn't it look like fun?

Amsterdam playground post puking

The first couple of days in Amsterdam, mommy and I had a stomach bug, so we were taking it easy. We decided to go out for some fresh air and to check out the closest playground to Ollie and Charlie in Vondelpark. On the way, I puked on the sidewalk, but that didn't stop me! Here is how it went; "blech [me puking], woo hooo! Let's go to the playground!!"

See, you could never tell I wasn't feeling well in these photos. I was having a blast. The fresh air must have helped because that was the last time I got sick.

Lunch date with Olivia

Two perfect angels!

Liam is Four!

I had a fantastic time at Liam's fourth birthday party today!

When we got in the car to leave I said "I love Wiam and Rocco!"

Zak Moves

Today, my buddy Zak moved one street over from me! Mommy watch him while the movers brought all his toys from Cambridge to our neighborhood. Since it was so nice out she took us out to a playground with our bike pod that doubles as a double stroller.

We had a blast! Mommy brought Zak back nice and dirty which means we had a fantastic time!

We made cookies!!!

Zak and Mila came over today to help me bake some cookies. First, we rolled the dough and then we cut out the cookies with cookie cutters!

After we baked them, we decorated them with sprinkles! Dad tasted my cookies when he got home and thought they were extra yummy!

Brunch and Playground with the Little Family

Today, we went to brunch at Ashmont Grill and then to the park with Zak and his mommy and daddy. 

As you can see, we had a blast!

Expert Rope Climber

Mommy thought I was too small to climb the cool rope ladders at the playground, but she was wrong!

I climbed up all by myself tons of times!

Will you be my Valentine?

Aside from mommy, YaYa, Nonna, my aunties and all the other obvious ladies in my life who were my automatic Valentines on Vday, I asked my friend Mila to be my Valentine. I gave her a nice picture of the two of us holding hands...

I would like to give a shout out to all my buddies like Ollie, Liam, Charlie, Rocco, Zak, Tyler, etc... Happy Vday little dudes!

Tower Climbing with Liam!

Today, we met up with my buddies Liam and Rocco at the Children's Museum. We had a great time doing all the usual things, like playing with the golf balls, making giant bubbles, etc., but this time we tried something new. We climbed the huge three story tower - UP & DOWN TWICE - by ourselves!! It required lots of teamwork, but we did it like pros!

Our mommies were a little nervous, but we knew we could do it!! Watch some videos of our mad climbing skillz here, here and here.