The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

AM Roof deck

Olivia came up today to play in the sandbox on the roof deck before it got too hot. 

We had fun, but mostly enjoyed eating goldfish crackers with our sandy hands.

Wacky Inflatable Pool Boy

It's been super hot lately, so mommy and daddy decided to get me a surprise!

A kiddy pool big enough for all my tiny friends. My tree frog really likes the palm trees. Yay!

Meeting Baby Aaron

Baby Aaron and Maya came home from the hospital today! Here we are meeting him for the first time...

He was very tiny in my old car seat...

It reminded mommy of when they brought me home from the hospital...

And here is baby Olivia when she borrowed my car seat to come home as well!

So far, Aaron likes to eat, sleep and poop. Typical baby stuff. He wasn't that interesting to me, but my toy snake wanted to eat him and I had to keep the snake away. I said, "Bad snake! Oh no! He wants to eat the baby! Go away snake!!"

Aaron was nice and content.


Test driving a sibling.

Zak is staying with us for a few days while his mommy is in the hospital with his new baby brother. He slept in my room last night and this morning when I woke up I got in bed with him and went back to sleep.

Later, mommy took us to my favorite place - Target! I stayed awake long enough to see the store (and have a mini meltdown) before I passed out for my daily nap. 

Zak had lunch with mommy while I took a rest and of course missed the playground fun.

Zak's New Baby Brother!

This morning mommy woke up to a surprise message from my buddy Zak's mommy Maya saying she's in labor and Zak's daddy is away on business. This was very exciting for me because that meant I got to play with Zak all day!

We had lunch together, watched dinosaurs together and played with snakes together. Zak even slept over my house! His new baby brother was born at 6:00 PM and weighed 6.0 lbs (he was 3 weeks early). His name is Aaron Sacha Little.

What a cutie!

Flower for Mila

Mila invited me to her house today for a playdate, so I decided to bring her a flower mommy and I made.

I'm such a romantic.

Cookies with Liam and Rocco

Today, Liam and Rocco came to my house to play and make cookies with me! They are my very firsts little friends to come and visit after my surgeries. 

We had a fantastic time and Liam is a really good chef! I loved making cookies and can't wait to do it again sometime! Thanks guys!

Ollie's Pirate Party - Arrrrr!

Today, Ollie had the coolest party ever! He had pirate hats and patches, buried treasure and a really nice pirate ship cake Rebecca and mommy made.

My favorite part was eating the rest of the pirate ship cake at the end of the night. Thanks for sharing Ollie! Happy Fourth Birthday!

Feeding time at the zoo

Right at noon like clockwork, all three boys (even Enzo) decided they were starving and wanted lunch. After some zoo cafe happy meals complete with zoo animal toys, the boys enjoyed some ice cream.

This trip may be referred to as "the trip that got Enzo eating ice cream again." Thanks for making it look so yummy Charlie!

Tram, Train, Train Museum

Today, we took a tram to the commuter train to Utrecht to the train museum (Het Spoorwgmuseum) to see and climb on tons of cool old trains.

The dads took the boys while the moms went shopping in the cute little city center. We also stopped at a Nijntjy (aka, Miffy) Museum, but I was napping.

After, we had a really nice dinner that Ollie and I refused to eat, but Charlie clearly enjoyed his meal.