The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Testing out the Double Ride

Today my friends Mila and Zak came over to bake Christmas Cookies. We were a little crazy and into everything, including our new double stroller. I asked Mila to stand in as my baby sister for a test drive of my future ride.

How did the cookies come out? No photos you ask? Our cookie making this time was also a little crazy, extra messy and the results reflected our mood. Let's just say Mommy advised Daddy NOT to eat them.  ;) 

Someone's been sleeping our bed!

We'll give you a hint... It's not Goldilocks! 

Look how comfortable he is. Daddy was apparently comfortable enough too because he had no idea Enzo had crawled in bed with us. I, however was well aware because this sneaky sleeper likes mommy's pillow best!

Topsfield Fair 2012

This year I was finally tall enough to go on the kiddie rides and boy did I have a blast!

video coming soon...

Apple Picking 2012

This year we went back to our old standby orchard for some low key family fun with the D'Italia Family. I had tons of fun collecting rocks with Liam, running down rows of apple trees with Liam and Rocco, and my first tractor hayride with mommy and daddy.  

After, we had lunch in Concord and picked up some fresh ingredients for YaYa's famous potato leek soup at Hutchins Farm. It was a perfect fall day!

little trikers

This is the summer that I should have learned to drive my trike like a crazy person, but I was restricted because of my surgeries. All of my buddies can ride pretty well, but for now I needed to practice with someone my own speed. 

Thanks for waiting for me Olivia!

Rocco's Cool Construction Party

Today, I went to my buddy Rocco's house for his birthday party. It was awesome! We played in the bouncy house and used squiters (squirt guns, but our mommies don't like the gun part, so we just say squirters) on each other and the adults! It was a blast!

Enzo's Third Birthday with the D'Italia Family

Shortly after dad left for work mommy and I got in the car and drove to Newburyport to visit my buddies Liam and Rocco (Tyler was at camp). We had a blast running around playing chase, playing in the sandbox, eating pizza and cupcakes, and opening gifts!

Special thanks to Liam and Rocco's mommy Beth who made the yummiest cupcakes and sent me home with one too! You guys made my day!!

lazy parents

TGIF! The parents at 5a were feeling a little lazy, so we got takeout together and had a movie night.

Olivia and I watched some Sesame Street music videos too.

I shared my dad for a bit while the other parents decided what to order for dinner. Then I took a ride with the dads to go pick up the food. 

An Enzo original for Olivia's birthday.

Here I am giving Olivia the work of art I created especially for her birthday. I think she liked it!

Also, happy first anniversary to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie!

Zak's Picnic Birthday Party

I had a great time today at Zak's 3rd birthday party in Sparrow Park! We ran all around playing at the playground (I haven't been to a playground with Zak since my surgery!).

His grandma made a really good rocket birthday cake. What a fun day!