The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

A Date on World's End

Mommy, Ava and I went on a playdate with my friend Olivia and her mommy Katherine.

We went to World's End in Hingham, and I napped for a while, and had mommy push me around in the stroller, but after I got up, Olivia and I got some good sight-seeing in.


Paper Waspsps

Enzo telling us about the paper wasps, and it is just so adorable how he adds an additional syllable.


D'Italia Playdate!

Today, a bunch of adorable boys converged on the South End for some play and some lunch. They were extra adorable when they showed up in matching scooter shirts!

Thanks for the fun times guys!

Columbus Park Playground Fun

After a yummy brunch at City Landing, we headed over to the Columbus Park Playground to get some energy out...

6 boys... for now!

Tonight we're having a big dinner with the D'Italia's and the Koerner boys all together! There are six boys: Tyler, Liam, Ollie, Enzo, Charlie, and Rocco. This morning Mommy made 6 finger puppet snakes, with 6 sketchbooks and activities to keep us all busy at the nice restaurant. 

Grammy Bev (Ollie and Charlie's Grandmother) and Brian also came to eat with us at Temazcal. Here we are enjoying our meal (we were very good, even though we look a little crazy in this photo - we were trying to see a giant ship in the harbor going by the restaurant)...

The next trip when we all get together, we'll be 6 boys and 1 girl! 

Park Bench Sketch and Study

Enzo is studying his reptiles pocket field guide and Ollie is sketching the city...

I wonder what these two are going to be when they grow up?  

Boys in Primary Colors

Rebecca sent over these adorable photos of the boys running around at the Rose Kennedy Greenway...

Thanks Rebecca!

Breakfast with the Busey's

This morning we went over to Stars, a great diner we found in Hingham, for breakfast with Olivia and her Mommy and Daddy. We both ate like champs! 

Later, they came back to our house and we had an egg hunt and went to the playground. Olivia was very brave on the big slides!


Backyard Egg Hunt

The Cohasset Easter Bunny came a little early this year....

It took us a while, but we eventually found all the eggs!

Good Day/Bad Day

Today we met up with my buddies Liam and Rocco at Mucky Kids Art Studio. I had a fantastic time there painting wooden eggs and playing with slime! Then, we went to go to lunch at a great pizza place next door and it went downhill from there. Here we are running to the restaurant (we ran right past it)...

I was a little rowdy in the restaurant, but nothing beyond the scope of a typical three year old's behavior. I was getting a little tired and by the time we left and started to ignore Mommy's instructions (to put it mildly). I had one of my hugest fits ever outside and we left the playdate as I was kicking and screaming in Mommy's arms - an extra tricky maneuver these days with Mommy's giant baby belly. After Mommy used all her strength to force me into my car seat, and a few more minutes of screaming, I passed out for a 3+ hour nap. Daddy heard the report for the day from Mommy and instructed her to swing by the office where he was working and gave her a much needed hug, latte, and cookie to get her through the afternoon traffic home. Hopefully, that will be the last major melt down for 2013, but Mommy isn't holding her breath.