The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo's Third Birthday - AM

Daddy heard me get up this morning at 6:20 AM and found me using the potty by myself! Hey, what'd you expect? I am three now. ;)

Mommy gave daddy the okay to get me my favorite breakfast - DONUTS! With Pink frosting! Then we all got ready and took some photos. It was a very nice morning to kick off being three!

lazy parents

TGIF! The parents at 5a were feeling a little lazy, so we got takeout together and had a movie night.

Olivia and I watched some Sesame Street music videos too.

I shared my dad for a bit while the other parents decided what to order for dinner. Then I took a ride with the dads to go pick up the food. 

Evening Bike Ride

 I had promised Enzo a bike ride early in the afternoon, but a mishap between Enzo's hands and the grease from the bike chain while I was pumping up tires led to a lot of hand washing, and then a power nap.

Of course, Enzo remembered after dinner, and demanded we go to the beach. A quick ride down to Carson Beach while the sun was setting was exactly what he needed for a good night's sleep.


Lately, all I want to do is pretend to be a "giant T-Rex" and run around chasing people while roaring. There is tons of room for me to chase my prey, errr, Uncle Dan in YaYa's front yard!

I also chased the bunnies like that. 

Old School Gardening with the Nonni

I had a lot of fun playing with the water at Nonna's today! They even put me to work watering the garden.

I saw Nonno pruning the tomato plants and said "I help you Nonno!" and promptly picked a green tomato before anyone could stop me. Opps!

Nonni bring ice cream!

My grandparents (Nonni) Nonna and Nonno came right over to see me when I got to the Berkshires and brought me ice cream cones!

Thanks, Nonni! I'll take two.  ;)

Harbor Islands with Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie

Today, I took my first trip to Boston's Harbor Islands for some fun in the sun. After a quick ferry trip, we climbed a big mountain (at least to me) and had a picnic with a wonderful view of the city.

After that I am told we took a ferry to another island with a cool fort, but I fell asleep on the way there. Daddy stayed with me under a shady tree while Uncle Kyle, Auntie Julie and Mommy explored the fort.