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My Guys

adorable ♥

Dr. Enzo checking on his baby sister

He listened for quite a while before he was satisfied that she was doing well...


Family Holiday Time 2012

I started opening gifts the Sunday before Christmas when Nonna, Nonno, Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie came to visit!

By the time Christmas morning came around I was barely interested in opening the rest of the gifts under the tree (hence the lack of photos this year).

Happy Birthday to my Great Grandma Dee Dee (also sometimes known as De-Dah)! xoxo

Christmas Cookie Bake Off 2012

Today we made 6 kinds of cookies and candied citrus peels! I apparently inherited my dad's love of cookie dough because I was sampling all day.

This might be Mommy's new favorite picture of Daddy and me...

This is how they all turned out...

Mommy thinks I ate my own weight in cookies!

Someone's been sleeping our bed!

We'll give you a hint... It's not Goldilocks! 

Look how comfortable he is. Daddy was apparently comfortable enough too because he had no idea Enzo had crawled in bed with us. I, however was well aware because this sneaky sleeper likes mommy's pillow best!

Constructing Daddy's Birthday Cake

Today, Nonna and Nonno came to visit with us in honor of Daddy's Birthday. She made him a cake, but let me decorate it!

As you can see, I give the cake boss a run for his money. Thanks Nonna for letting me have so much fun!

Topsfield Fair 2012

This year I was finally tall enough to go on the kiddie rides and boy did I have a blast!

video coming soon...

Apple Picking 2012

This year we went back to our old standby orchard for some low key family fun with the D'Italia Family. I had tons of fun collecting rocks with Liam, running down rows of apple trees with Liam and Rocco, and my first tractor hayride with mommy and daddy.  

After, we had lunch in Concord and picked up some fresh ingredients for YaYa's famous potato leek soup at Hutchins Farm. It was a perfect fall day!

Vacation from Mommy and Daddy

Mom and Dad had a lot of work to do around the house, so I decided to help them out by asking to go to Yaya's house. Mommy met Yaya and Hinckpa halfway and made the switch on Friday. Today, Yaya and Hinckpa took me to the Berkshire Museum where I told them everything I know about the reptiles that were there. I pointed out a Boa Constrictor Snake on a chart and then brought Yaya across the room to show her which one was "the same one!" I had an amazing time looking for dinosaur bones and watching all of the animals get there food. Thanks for a super fun day that I will be telling Mommy about for weeks!

Tomorrow, I asked to go to Nonna and Nonno's house for the day. I'm going to surprise them in honor of grandparent's day! Maybe I'll stay here in the Berkshire for another week!  ;)

Birthday Barn

After my day of crazy fun and a nice long nap, I opened my birthday gift from mommy and daddy. It's a really fun barn that was the closest thing mommy could find to the cool canal house Ollie and Charlie have that I loved playing with when we were in Amsterdam. After daddy and I put it together, mommy asked which of my animals would live in the barn. I said "my SNAKE!" - of course!

p.s. Thanks for all the phone calls, texts, emails and facebook posts with birthday wishes!