The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

First Playground with Mommy and Ava

Daddy is back at work this week, so Mommy is on her own with the two of us. She decided to brave the potential rain and take us to a playground first thing in the morning (we were out the door by 8:30!). With sleeping Ava in the Ergo, Mommy said it was almost like old times and I was a very good boy and didn't put up a fight when Mommy said it was time to go. 

(Mommy's view with Ava in the Ergo)

After, we went to the library and checked out some books. Fun first outing Mommy!

Making Bread Dough with Daddy

Wouldn't be the full experience without a little flour on his nose!

Work From Home Lunch Break

Today, Daddy worked from home. I don't know why, but it was great because I got to see him for lunch. We ate on the back deck and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.

It was a great family lunch.

Happy Easter 2013!

Here I am checking out my Easter Basket (yes, that is a bowl - Daddy "accidentally" donated my Easter Basket in the move, so Mommy had to improvise)...

I put my new apron to good use and helped Daddy make the fruit salad for our brunch at Olivia's house. 

Easter Eggs

This was my first time coloring Easter Eggs. I was a natural and actually stayed pretty clean!

Yaya and Hinckpa's Surprise Visit

Yaya and Hinckpa came to see me today and I was so excited!! (some would say overly excited and hyper) I had lots of fun with them and wished they could stay forever! When Mommy and Daddy both hug me at the same time we call it a family hug. When Yaya and Hinckpa had to go I requested a family hug from them...

I give great hugs!

Pizza Maker Enzo

Mommy loves when her boys make dinner!

Breakfast with the Busey's

This morning we went over to Stars, a great diner we found in Hingham, for breakfast with Olivia and her Mommy and Daddy. We both ate like champs! 

Later, they came back to our house and we had an egg hunt and went to the playground. Olivia was very brave on the big slides!


Backyard Egg Hunt

The Cohasset Easter Bunny came a little early this year....

It took us a while, but we eventually found all the eggs!

Date Night with Mommy

Daddy had to work late tonight, so I went to dinner with Mommy at Legal Sea Foods.

That sat us right next to the giant fish tank and I ordered the fish sticks.

I was pretty good for Mommy and was very proud of myself. I told her, "Look! I ate all of my bread!"