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"Bestest Spider Web Evah!"

I got some string out while Mommy was busy feeding the baby and constructed a giant spider web. When I was all done (only because I had used all the string) I told Mommy I had made the "bestest spider web evah!" and proceeded to help my spider catch all of my bugs in his new web!



Daddy: "Enzo, you have curious george on the Kindle, and Wild Kratts on my phone, which one are you watching?"

Enzo: "Two"

Daddy: "What?"

Enzo: "Both, I'm watching both." 

what you can't see in this picture is how covered in chocolate pudding he was.



Good Day/Bad Day

Today we met up with my buddies Liam and Rocco at Mucky Kids Art Studio. I had a fantastic time there painting wooden eggs and playing with slime! Then, we went to go to lunch at a great pizza place next door and it went downhill from there. Here we are running to the restaurant (we ran right past it)...

I was a little rowdy in the restaurant, but nothing beyond the scope of a typical three year old's behavior. I was getting a little tired and by the time we left and started to ignore Mommy's instructions (to put it mildly). I had one of my hugest fits ever outside and we left the playdate as I was kicking and screaming in Mommy's arms - an extra tricky maneuver these days with Mommy's giant baby belly. After Mommy used all her strength to force me into my car seat, and a few more minutes of screaming, I passed out for a 3+ hour nap. Daddy heard the report for the day from Mommy and instructed her to swing by the office where he was working and gave her a much needed hug, latte, and cookie to get her through the afternoon traffic home. Hopefully, that will be the last major melt down for 2013, but Mommy isn't holding her breath. 

TP Trail

Enzo decided to bring some toilet paper upstairs. 

Unfortunately, he left the roll downstairs.

Still a messy eater

Still get more yogurt on me than in me.

2012 Holiday Card Outtakes


high chair antics

Enzo Trouble - Body Art

Mommy must have missed a marker when she cleaned up the art supplies, so I decided to put it to good use. Since the paper was put away, I just used myself as a canvas!

Trying out my new stroller

Today, Olivia came up to say hi, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new stroller!

As, you can see, I even tried out the basket - lots of room in there! My old one was getting a little cramped, but I should fit in this one until I am five! Plus, it goes really FAST! Mommy likes it because it takes up half the space in the car and it's much lighter - perfect for Amsterdam in a couple weeks!

Craving Veggie Chips

Apparently, Enzo was really hungry....

If he would eat all of those I would be happy.  ;)