The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Grocery Store Fun

I pushed my very own cart around Whole Foods today! I love shopping!!

Expert Rope Climber

Mommy thought I was too small to climb the cool rope ladders at the playground, but she was wrong!

I climbed up all by myself tons of times!

My new penguin backpack!

Don't I look adorable and very grown up?!

I wore my backpack all day and even tried to take it to bed with me. Now I can keep track of all my toys!

Dinosaur Egg

Earlier in the week I went to the Children's Museum with my buddies and while I was there I got a dinosaur egg to hatch! After a couple of days of watching the egg slowly hatch, we finally had a baby dinosaur!

I love watching eggs hatch and I love dinosaurs, so this was super cool!

Veggie Burger aka "Cookie!"

Today, I gave Enzo a veggie burger patty for the first time as part of his lunch. He took one look at it and said, "cookie!" and started eating it!

I was super excited. He didn't get through that much of it before falling asleep while eating lunch...

...Also, very exciting in my book!  ;)

My First T.rex

I really love dinosaurs! The bigger the better, so when mommy said that we were going to make my very own Tyrannosaurus Rex, I was super excited! First, I colored it and then mommy helped me assemble all of the bones. While I went off to find some things for my T.rex to eat, mommy finished it. Check it out!

I have learned a lot about dinosaurs, and here I am teaching mommy all about my new T.rex...


Enzo likes alphabet Cheez-Its

Mommy found me these really cool alphabet Cheez-Its...

Now I can practice my abcs while snacking!

New Videos of Enzo on Youtube


Watch Enzo ask for a cookie!

Enzo tells mamma not to worry.

Enzo wants to watch alligators on tv!

Enzo names lots of Thomas the Train Characters.


Enzo Reads Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

It's no secret Enzo's favorite book to date is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

Here he is reading it with daddy...

Daddy sent the photos to the author and illustrator and I made it on their facebook page!