The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Feeding time at the zoo

Right at noon like clockwork, all three boys (even Enzo) decided they were starving and wanted lunch. After some zoo cafe happy meals complete with zoo animal toys, the boys enjoyed some ice cream.

This trip may be referred to as "the trip that got Enzo eating ice cream again." Thanks for making it look so yummy Charlie!

Tram, Train, Train Museum

Today, we took a tram to the commuter train to Utrecht to the train museum (Het Spoorwgmuseum) to see and climb on tons of cool old trains.

The dads took the boys while the moms went shopping in the cute little city center. We also stopped at a Nijntjy (aka, Miffy) Museum, but I was napping.

After, we had a really nice dinner that Ollie and I refused to eat, but Charlie clearly enjoyed his meal.

Lady Amsterdam at Amsterdam playground (5 of 1000)

Today, I caught my first ladybug at a super fun playground with a really deep sandbox. She let us examine her for about five whole minutes before she flew away.

After finding the ladybug Ollie, daddy and I continued to dig a really big hole as deep as I am tall! It was awesome!

Bath time, yay!

I LOVE taking baths in the evenings now! Doesn't it look like fun?

Amsterdam Playground (4 of 1000)

I loved this playground because I could climb, climb and climb some more!

The shake shake bridge was fun too.

Boys and their diggers

Need I say more?

Trying out my new stroller

Today, Olivia came up to say hi, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new stroller!

As, you can see, I even tried out the basket - lots of room in there! My old one was getting a little cramped, but I should fit in this one until I am five! Plus, it goes really FAST! Mommy likes it because it takes up half the space in the car and it's much lighter - perfect for Amsterdam in a couple weeks!

Enzo's New Cut the Rope Technique

Mommy and daddy thought this was adorable and very amusing.  ;)

"I want a cupcake!"

Today, we went to check out the famous Zaftigs for brunch this morning while running errands. While waiting for a table, I saw all the yummy desserts behind the glass and immediately said "I want a cupcake!" Once we sat down, mommy and daddy said, "How about French Toast!?" and I said, "No, how 'bout a cupcake!" Mommy told me there were no cupcakes on the kids menu and she showed me the menu and pointed out all of my favorites "french toast, mac n cheese, grilled cheese with fries..." and I then pointed to one of the words on the menu and said with excitement "CUPCAKE YAY!" When the waitress came I said "I have a cupcake," but mommy told her french toast. My french toast got there and I wasn't impressed, so....

Mommy and Daddy - 0, Enzo - 1

YaYa, Hinckpa and the BIG CLIMB!

Today, YaYa and Hinckpa came to visit! We took them to the Esplanade because they've never been and while we were there we found a new playground! 

It has lots of HUGE climbing structures - my favorite! I wasn't afraid at all. I would have climbed all the way to the top if mommy had let me!

Thanks for coming to play with me YaYa and Hinckpa!