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bug catching


"Gimme Lollipop Please?!"

I just helped myself this time.


Old School Gardening with the Nonni

I had a lot of fun playing with the water at Nonna's today! They even put me to work watering the garden.

I saw Nonno pruning the tomato plants and said "I help you Nonno!" and promptly picked a green tomato before anyone could stop me. Opps!

Hanging with the guys in the country

This week we left daddy to swelter in the hot city and mommy and I packed up and headed to YaYa's house in the Berkshires. Here I am getting some guy time in while hanging out with Uncle Dan and Hinckpa...

I love it when Hinckpa takes me in the woods (that I also sometimes call "the jungle") to see the stream. I ask him to bring me down the as soon as I wake up and then about twenty more times during the day. I fit perfectly on the little stone next to the frog pond near the stream!

No Pants

When we were in Amsterdam, mommy and daddy found out that I am capable of dressing and undressing myself. Since we've been working on potty training I've been getting a lot of practice.

I seem to prefer to have my pants completely off while sitting on the potty. Mommy says it must be an preference I was born with because a certain uncle likes to do the same thing.

Wacky Inflatable Pool Boy

It's been super hot lately, so mommy and daddy decided to get me a surprise!

A kiddy pool big enough for all my tiny friends. My tree frog really likes the palm trees. Yay!

Vespa Helper

It was super hot out today, so after the sun went down a little, mommy put me in a nice and cool outfit and sent me out to help daddy fix the Vespa. I really liked handing daddy all tools he needed.

Enzo's First Snake Drawing

We've been watching a lot of documentaries on snakes and lizards around here lately while Enzo recovers from his surgeries. Not surprisingly, our art projects have been reptile themed as well. Here is Enzo's first drawing done all by himself of a "wrattle snake!"

He drew it himself and pointed out all of these features to me...

I was impressed!

Dino Cave with Daddy

Tonight, daddy made me a super cool cave that I immediately added dinosaurs to. I also put all of my plastic bugs and got out my flashlight. It was super fun!!

Jeremy (Joo Joo) came up and explored with us too. Mommy thought the cave was too creepy with all those bugs and dinosaurs, but she went in for just a minute.

Dino Delivery

Today, I got a package with two dinosaurs and a dinosaur stamp set in it from my Great Aunt Maureen and Uncle Bob!! I got my smaller dinosaurs and fed my new T-Rex right away!

Thank you Aunt Maureen and Uncle Bob! I love them!