The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Mila's Pizzelles

Mmmm! I really love the pizzelles you made Mila! 

Grazie Mila!

"Hey, what's that sound? It's a katydid!"

All summer I've been hearing something daddy tells me is a lot of katydids in the big tree behind our house. Today, daddy actually caught one to show to me!

It was so AMAZING! I loved holding it and wasn't afraid when it jumped all over me. I giggled a lot because it tickled me.

Vacation from Mommy and Daddy

Mom and Dad had a lot of work to do around the house, so I decided to help them out by asking to go to Yaya's house. Mommy met Yaya and Hinckpa halfway and made the switch on Friday. Today, Yaya and Hinckpa took me to the Berkshire Museum where I told them everything I know about the reptiles that were there. I pointed out a Boa Constrictor Snake on a chart and then brought Yaya across the room to show her which one was "the same one!" I had an amazing time looking for dinosaur bones and watching all of the animals get there food. Thanks for a super fun day that I will be telling Mommy about for weeks!

Tomorrow, I asked to go to Nonna and Nonno's house for the day. I'm going to surprise them in honor of grandparent's day! Maybe I'll stay here in the Berkshire for another week!  ;)


Liam and Rocco got me some awesome veggies for my farm. I really like to harvest them and feed them to my snake!

Thanks guys!

summer fun

sidewalk chalk + trucks = summer fun!

I especially like to make parking lots and practice parking all of my vehicles.

pirate puppet from pops

Today I got a special delivery from my Pops. He and Sandy sent me a really cool pirate sock puppet!

Thanks Pops and Sandy! xoxo

morning "coffee"

"Coffee" is really chocolate milk in his cool mug from Amsterdam.

He looks so sophisticated with his mug and his glasses on.  ;)

Enzo's Third Birthday with the D'Italia Family

Shortly after dad left for work mommy and I got in the car and drove to Newburyport to visit my buddies Liam and Rocco (Tyler was at camp). We had a blast running around playing chase, playing in the sandbox, eating pizza and cupcakes, and opening gifts!

Special thanks to Liam and Rocco's mommy Beth who made the yummiest cupcakes and sent me home with one too! You guys made my day!!

Early Special Delivery from the Netherlands

Today, when I woke up from my nap mommy informed me that a special birthday package arrived from my buddies Ollie and Charlie in AMSTERDAM! When I opened the box, I frowned and said, "Where's Ollie and Charlie?" Then, mommy informed me that they only sent the gift and couldn't be shipped across the big ocean in a tiny box. Once we cleared that up, I opened all of my gifts. I especially liked the rocket ship and told momma, "That's really cool!"

Thanks Ollie and Charlie and Rebecca and Brad! We miss you guys!!

Snakes on a Crane!

The other day Jay and his awesome girlfriend Jessica sent me a really cool crane to help cheer me up during my recovery. For those of you who don't know Jay, he's the one who graciously hosts this blog for all of you to enjoy. Here I am putting my imagination to use and combining two of my favorite things. I call it Snakes on a Crane!

Thanks Jay and Jessica! You guys rock!!