The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Christmas Cookie Bake Off 2012

Today we made 6 kinds of cookies and candied citrus peels! I apparently inherited my dad's love of cookie dough because I was sampling all day.

This might be Mommy's new favorite picture of Daddy and me...

This is how they all turned out...

Mommy thinks I ate my own weight in cookies!

Lunch with Mommy

After school I asked Mommy if I could have "a pizza with eyes on it for lunch [kid's bunny shaped pizza with olives for eyes] at the restaurant with the gummy bears [aka VaPiano]." 

...mmm! Thanks Mommy!

Someone's been sleeping our bed!

We'll give you a hint... It's not Goldilocks! 

Look how comfortable he is. Daddy was apparently comfortable enough too because he had no idea Enzo had crawled in bed with us. I, however was well aware because this sneaky sleeper likes mommy's pillow best!

Enzo is eating - with chopsticks!!

If you know Enzo, you know he doesn't eat just anything and if he does, it's not much. Today, he ate an entire bento box of sushi rice using chopsticks by himself!

Yes, he ate ALL of that rice! (He started off a little slow as seen in this video, but was a pro by the end)

Needless to say, mommy will be offering chopsticks at mealtimes at home.

November Leaves

David Attenborough's Little Architect

Today Enzo asked, "Mommy, help me build a house!" so I made a little house out of his new blocks. Enzo added on to it extensively and then said, "Look Mommy! This is David Attenborough's house!"

Nice work Enzo! Mommy likes your addition way better than her original design.  ;)

Nap time courtesy of Davis Attenborough

Fell asleep on his belly, glasses on, headphones on watching David Attenborough talk about prehistoric birds.

(yes, I removed the glasses and the headphone and got him into a more comfortable position and he did not wake up)

Shadow Puppets!


Constructing Daddy's Birthday Cake

Today, Nonna and Nonno came to visit with us in honor of Daddy's Birthday. She made him a cake, but let me decorate it!

As you can see, I give the cake boss a run for his money. Thanks Nonna for letting me have so much fun!

New favorite mode of transportation

 (notice that his feet are actually inside daddy's pants, standing on his belt)