The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Falling asleep at his research

After a long morning of bug book research, Enzo fell asleep at his studies.

Formal Introduction to My Spider Shirt

This is me in my spider shirt. Yes, I was wearing it two days ago, and you should prepare yourself to see me in it a lot more since I've officially declared it my "favorite shirt!"

Mommy and Daddy already had to spot clean it a couple of times because it didn't have time to go through the wash before I demanded to wear it again. This is the first time I've ever cared what I am wearing, but who can resist an awesome shirt with a giant spider on it!?

Spiders Spiders Everywhere

I caught my first spider in my bug vacuum!

Then, I had to wear my spider shirt of course...

6 boys... for now!

Tonight we're having a big dinner with the D'Italia's and the Koerner boys all together! There are six boys: Tyler, Liam, Ollie, Enzo, Charlie, and Rocco. This morning Mommy made 6 finger puppet snakes, with 6 sketchbooks and activities to keep us all busy at the nice restaurant. 

Grammy Bev (Ollie and Charlie's Grandmother) and Brian also came to eat with us at Temazcal. Here we are enjoying our meal (we were very good, even though we look a little crazy in this photo - we were trying to see a giant ship in the harbor going by the restaurant)...

The next trip when we all get together, we'll be 6 boys and 1 girl! 

Lunch Date with Mommy

I was very tired, but Mommy needed to feed her baby belly, so I took her to lunch. Luckily, we got a nice booth seat and I took a rest while Mommy shoveled some food in.

Making Bread Dough with Daddy

Wouldn't be the full experience without a little flour on his nose!

New Green Kicks

 Even though they're Pumas, I insist I can run "fast like a cheetah. 40 miles per hour!"

Yaya and Hinckpa's Surprise Visit

Yaya and Hinckpa came to see me today and I was so excited!! (some would say overly excited and hyper) I had lots of fun with them and wished they could stay forever! When Mommy and Daddy both hug me at the same time we call it a family hug. When Yaya and Hinckpa had to go I requested a family hug from them...

I give great hugs!

Pizza Maker Enzo

Mommy loves when her boys make dinner!

Hand Tile Day

Ever since I started my new school, I've been admiring all the handprints on the walls in the lobby. Today, I got to make my own for the wall!

I can't wait to find my hand once they put it up!