The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo's First Snake Drawing

We've been watching a lot of documentaries on snakes and lizards around here lately while Enzo recovers from his surgeries. Not surprisingly, our art projects have been reptile themed as well. Here is Enzo's first drawing done all by himself of a "wrattle snake!"

He drew it himself and pointed out all of these features to me...

I was impressed!

Father's Day Art Take II

This time I used finger paints that Liam and Rocco brought me....

This was my first time using actual finger paints and I was more interested in squishing them in my hands than actually painting. It wasn't a total bust. With some help from mommy, I came up with this for Great Grandpa Moore...

Father's Day Art Project Attempt 1

I wasn't too into painting today, but here is my best effort. I told mommy it was a bunny rabbit. She said she could see it (sort of).

Post Surgery Quiet Play

After my two surgeries, I wasn't supposed to run, jump or climb for 4 to 6 weeks. Mommy's eyes got big when the doctors said that, but they said the first week was most important. I watched lots of nature shows and Curious George, but I could watch tv all day (at least that's what mommy said), so here I am playing quietly...

 Here I am testing out what different animal footprints look like.

Animal footprints, play-doh, art projects, puzzles, reading stories and snuggles were the best activities for the first week.

Easter Crafts

Mommy was feeling crafty today, so she had me to a little art project to spruce up the house for Easter this Sunday.

Obviously, I thought the bunnies needed some dinosaurs on them, so I incorporated my dino stamps in my process. (That's me putting paint on my dino stamp in the bottom left) Mommy glued the bunnies to sticks after and maybe on Sunday I'll put on a little puppet show!

Watching Zak and Making Monsters

Today, my buddy Zak came over for a bit and we had a blast playing with ALL of my toys and running around the house. Mommy read us a story, we had lunch and we even did a craft project and made our very own monster puppets! 

After a few hours mommy finally cracked and let us watch an episode of curious george because we were getting a little wild. We showed mommy we know how to kick back and relax too. What a fun day!

My First T.rex

I really love dinosaurs! The bigger the better, so when mommy said that we were going to make my very own Tyrannosaurus Rex, I was super excited! First, I colored it and then mommy helped me assemble all of the bones. While I went off to find some things for my T.rex to eat, mommy finished it. Check it out!

I have learned a lot about dinosaurs, and here I am teaching mommy all about my new T.rex...