The Arace Children

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Last Day of Preschool

Today was my last day at Hingham Nursery School.

We had a picnic in Hingham, and I had fun with all of my friends.

Next year I'll be starting kindergarten in Cohasset!

Teddy Bear Picnic 2014

Today at preschool, Enzo and his classmates made binoculars and hunted teddy bear tracks.

Enzo decided to sit on Mrs. Larson.


First Day of School, 2013

Enzo, enjoying the fresh morning air before his first day back at Hingham Nursery School

I miss Preschool!

Although I've been out of school for almost a month, Mommy wanted to share some of the photos my teachers gave me from the classroom this spring...

Here is my first official class photo! (Mommy said that must have been like herding cats!)

What a fun time! I can't wait to go back in the fall!!

Hand Tile Day

Ever since I started my new school, I've been admiring all the handprints on the walls in the lobby. Today, I got to make my own for the wall!

I can't wait to find my hand once they put it up!

Good Day/Bad Day

Today we met up with my buddies Liam and Rocco at Mucky Kids Art Studio. I had a fantastic time there painting wooden eggs and playing with slime! Then, we went to go to lunch at a great pizza place next door and it went downhill from there. Here we are running to the restaurant (we ran right past it)...

I was a little rowdy in the restaurant, but nothing beyond the scope of a typical three year old's behavior. I was getting a little tired and by the time we left and started to ignore Mommy's instructions (to put it mildly). I had one of my hugest fits ever outside and we left the playdate as I was kicking and screaming in Mommy's arms - an extra tricky maneuver these days with Mommy's giant baby belly. After Mommy used all her strength to force me into my car seat, and a few more minutes of screaming, I passed out for a 3+ hour nap. Daddy heard the report for the day from Mommy and instructed her to swing by the office where he was working and gave her a much needed hug, latte, and cookie to get her through the afternoon traffic home. Hopefully, that will be the last major melt down for 2013, but Mommy isn't holding her breath. 

Lunch with Mommy

After school I asked Mommy if I could have "a pizza with eyes on it for lunch [kid's bunny shaped pizza with olives for eyes] at the restaurant with the gummy bears [aka VaPiano]." 

...mmm! Thanks Mommy!

Turtles, Farms, and Outdoor Fun

For a great fall activity, Mommy got a membership for Mass Audubon, and has been taking me to Drumlin Farm.

Today we learned all about turtles. I was the most talkative child there, and was asking all about the turtles and what they were doing. I learned so much, and I can't wait till next week.

Last Last Class with Miss Carol

Today, we had a make up class with Miss Carol. Mila and I showed up matching in all black.

We're real life urban babies!  ;)

First Day of Class

Today was the first day of my spring semester class. This semester I am taking the Lightning Bugs class. I fell asleep on the way there of course, so mommy had to wake me up, but that was okay because I had a ton of fun. I made my first school art project and I did a little flirting with the little girls. I especially liked (and hugged several times) a little girl named Mila. I also went and sat on the teacher's lap during the art project (she happens to be very pretty and Brazillian). We had snack time and each kid got an animal cookie - I ate mine really fast so I asked and signed "more," which made all the moms laugh. 

Mommy is so proud of the nice job I did with my first art project!