The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Train Track Engineer

Today, I surprised mommy because I can put together train tracks all on my own and she didn't even know it!

Daddy had given me a lesson the day before when mommy wasn't looking, and now I am a pro!

New Shoes

I really like to wear my new shoes around the house. Daddy taught me how to say "shoe," so now when I bring them to mommy I can tell her what they are!


First Haircut at a Salon

Daddy and I went to get our hair cut together a couple of weeks ago. Mommy just remembered to get these photos off of her phone:

Coloring with Daddy our PJs!!


Entertain Me!

The weather has been crappy this week, so mommy and daddy have had to find new ways to entertain me inside. Here I am watching Shrek II....

Daddy invented a fun straw game to play with me...

I hope the weather gets nicer soon because I am not sure about mommy and daddy's play time skills.

Enzo's First Trip to the Science Museum

Today was museum day, so we got some free passes to check out the Museum of Science in Boston. I had a blast!! (and daddy did too!)

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We Wear Jeans


Enzo vs Cream Cheese Sandwich

This is what I look like when daddy lets me eat my cream cheese sandwich MY WAY.


Enzo's Picnic

Today was my first May Day and so we celebrated with a picnic!

I got to hang with my ladies...

I got some lessons about the Charles River from Daddy...

I had tons of fun playing with my blanket...

The day was a big hit!

Daddy Lessons - Washing Machines

I was a little apprehensive about the washing machine so daddy gave me a lesson and now I think they're fun to watch!