The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Vespa Helper

It was super hot out today, so after the sun went down a little, mommy put me in a nice and cool outfit and sent me out to help daddy fix the Vespa. I really liked handing daddy all tools he needed.

Dino Cave with Daddy

Tonight, daddy made me a super cool cave that I immediately added dinosaurs to. I also put all of my plastic bugs and got out my flashlight. It was super fun!!

Jeremy (Joo Joo) came up and explored with us too. Mommy thought the cave was too creepy with all those bugs and dinosaurs, but she went in for just a minute.

Lady Amsterdam at Amsterdam playground (5 of 1000)

Today, I caught my first ladybug at a super fun playground with a really deep sandbox. She let us examine her for about five whole minutes before she flew away.

After finding the ladybug Ollie, daddy and I continued to dig a really big hole as deep as I am tall! It was awesome!

Boys and their diggers

Need I say more?

Dinosaur Egg

Earlier in the week I went to the Children's Museum with my buddies and while I was there I got a dinosaur egg to hatch! After a couple of days of watching the egg slowly hatch, we finally had a baby dinosaur!

I love watching eggs hatch and I love dinosaurs, so this was super cool!

First Boston Snow 2012

Today, we actually got some snow, so now I can try out my new sled!

(yes, those are the same size 12 month snow pants from last year and they still fit!)

I climbed right in and told mommy and daddy which way to go.

I also enjoyed helping daddy with the snow shovel.

I would have played out there all day, but mommy thought my cheeks were getting a little too rosy, so we went inside.

Making Naan with Daddy

I am the clearly the chef and daddy is my sous chef.


Mr. Fix It and his mini me.

Daddy was installing an organizer for mommy and I got my drill out and came to help!

Mommy says her boys are super cute!

Putting together my big boy bed!

Daddy was using this silly little metal tool, so I showed him how it's done and got out my nice wooden tools.

Daddy Says...

Tonight, we played a game of Daddy Says....

"...put your legs in the air, stand on one foot, downward dog, put your hands on your head..." It was so much fun!