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Arace 2.0 Due today

Much like Baby Arace 2.0 is taking her sweet time to make her grand entrance, we've been taking our time gathering our photos from the past couple of weeks. Don't miss these posts that have been posted on the day they happened, but have been pushed off the front page or jumbled in the mix...

Enzo's Ikea Patterns

Bread Dough Making

Boys in Primary Colors

6 boys... for now!

Tonight we're having a big dinner with the D'Italia's and the Koerner boys all together! There are six boys: Tyler, Liam, Ollie, Enzo, Charlie, and Rocco. This morning Mommy made 6 finger puppet snakes, with 6 sketchbooks and activities to keep us all busy at the nice restaurant. 

Grammy Bev (Ollie and Charlie's Grandmother) and Brian also came to eat with us at Temazcal. Here we are enjoying our meal (we were very good, even though we look a little crazy in this photo - we were trying to see a giant ship in the harbor going by the restaurant)...

The next trip when we all get together, we'll be 6 boys and 1 girl! 

Sharing with Baby Arace 2.0

Enzo let the baby "wear" his funny necklace....

Baby Arace 2.0 Escape Attempt

She's been doing her best to try and break out today...

(maybe it's the jailbird stripes?)

Lots of movement and a fair amount of uncomfortable, yet irregular contractions. It's her April Fool's Day Joke on Mommy - "Here I come! Just kidding!!!!"


Ollie and Charlie's Mommy Rebecca sent Mommy a funny card in Dutch with pickles on it. Zwanger means pregnant in Dutch and both Rebecca and Mommy think this word is pretty funny. Here I am saying hi to my baby sister and trying to hold up Mommy's zwanger belly...

Mommy thinks it's funny that I really braced myself and took a nice wide stance to hold up her giant belly!

Here is a countdown timer for Baby Arace 2.0's due date. (there is also a link on the right of the blog for easy access)

Dr. Enzo checking on his baby sister

He listened for quite a while before he was satisfied that she was doing well...


Enzo "sharing" with his baby sister

He was listening to music with Andrew's headphones and he came over to me and said, "Where's your belly Mamma? The baby can listen too?" and promptly pulled up my shirt and stuck one of his earbuds in my belly button.

He also sometimes asks to give the baby a kiss goodnight after he kisses me. Such a sweet little boy!

"I want to listen to the baby!"

melt ♥

It's a GIRL!

Enzo is going to have a little sister!

adorable future big brother

Enzo put his sippy cup of juice to my mouth and said "please feed this to my baby brother or sister." It took me a second to fully realize what he said and I said, "What honey?" and he replied, "you put it in your mouth and down in your belly and feed the baby."


Cutest. Thing. EVER.