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Boys and their diggers

Need I say more?

Easter 2012

This year I had an egg hunt in the house (videos to come soon) and I got lots of bugs in my Easter Basket.

My favorite part was still the chocolate!

Brunch and Playground with the Little Family

Today, we went to brunch at Ashmont Grill and then to the park with Zak and his mommy and daddy. 

As you can see, we had a blast!

Rocks are cool like Anna and Justin

Today, I went with mommy and daddy over to Anna and Justin's house. Although, their house is very nice, I prefer to hang out in their driveway so that I can play with their rocks!

Mommy confessed that she often lets me take JUST ONE rock when we use their parking space. Free parking and free rocks; thanks Anna and Justin! ;)

Mr. Fix It and his mini me.

Daddy was installing an organizer for mommy and I got my drill out and came to help!

Mommy says her boys are super cute!

Friends Thanksgiving Little Chef

I had fun helping mommy prepare for friends' thanksgiving this year. My favorite part was clearly operating the salad spinner!

Baby Math Geek-in-Training

Yesterday Enzo crawled away so I used my graphing calculator as bait to get him to come back to me.

He is into everything these days.


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