The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

How many toys does it take

... to circle the couch? He started off counting them, but we can't get past "thirty" because he says "firty" and then when we get to "forty" he gets very confused. I guess we need to work on the "th" sounds. He had fun though.  ;)

Happy Easter 2013!

Here I am checking out my Easter Basket (yes, that is a bowl - Daddy "accidentally" donated my Easter Basket in the move, so Mommy had to improvise)...

I put my new apron to good use and helped Daddy make the fruit salad for our brunch at Olivia's house. 

Breakfast with the Busey's

This morning we went over to Stars, a great diner we found in Hingham, for breakfast with Olivia and her Mommy and Daddy. We both ate like champs! 

Later, they came back to our house and we had an egg hunt and went to the playground. Olivia was very brave on the big slides!


Backyard Egg Hunt

The Cohasset Easter Bunny came a little early this year....

It took us a while, but we eventually found all the eggs!

More French Toast

I love making french toast with Daddy! Sometimes I even eat it for dinner. I know all the ingredients and which order to use them. There is one special step that I like to do. I always take one bite of the bread before I put it in the egg mixture.

Someone's been sleeping our bed!

We'll give you a hint... It's not Goldilocks! 

Look how comfortable he is. Daddy was apparently comfortable enough too because he had no idea Enzo had crawled in bed with us. I, however was well aware because this sneaky sleeper likes mommy's pillow best!

Harbor Islands with Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie

Today, I took my first trip to Boston's Harbor Islands for some fun in the sun. After a quick ferry trip, we climbed a big mountain (at least to me) and had a picnic with a wonderful view of the city.

After that I am told we took a ferry to another island with a cool fort, but I fell asleep on the way there. Daddy stayed with me under a shady tree while Uncle Kyle, Auntie Julie and Mommy explored the fort.

Father's Day 2012

Nonna, Nonno, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie came over for the day on Father's Day. We had some yummy food outside and then I came in and took a nap on the couch with Nonno.

I love you daddy and Nonno! Happy Father's Day!!!

Sunday Mornings with Enzo - Garden Center

We had a lot of errands to run before Enzo's big surgery day. He liked the garden center best.

He stomped in some puddles and smelled lots of flowers too.

Zoo Amsterdam

 Today, mommy bravely came along to the zoo with us boys (daddy, Brad, Ollie, Charlie and me) while Rebecca stayed behind to do some super secret party preparations for Ollie's birthday on Wednesday. I really liked their zoo because you could get really close to lots of the animals

 The lemurs were especially cool because you could walk right into their enclosure and even pet them if you're brave enough. I said, "Look! That's an aye aye!" which impressed mommy and daddy because they do look sort of similar and I've never actually seen an aye aye in person, just on one of my favorite nature shows.