The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Christmas Wrapping

Mommy was wrapping presents and she said I was her present so she wrapped me up too!

Special Delivery

mommy wishes you were delivered this way ;)

Favorite Sofa

This is Lilly's and Enzo's favorite place to chill in the house...



Baby Yuppy Chip+Dale??



My New Favorite Pictures

best profile shot to date

just love it

cute close up

2 fingers

love the feet

chubby legs

love the grip

Just Enzo

Mommy's favorite thing to do is to take photos of me so that is how she spent part of her birthday...

Wow, am I good looking or what? ;)

Can I eat the cake I got you mommy?

Enzo got me this very nice card with daddy's help...

(Thanks Daddy!)

Weekend In PJs

This weekend we stayed in and lounged around because we have a big week ahead.

Pillow Talk

Enzo was way more interested in touching and talking to the pillow than taking a picture for mommy...