The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Stand and Play

Enzo has been lobbying to stand all the time, so I decided to let him stand at the coffee table and play.

....and then he took a rest to do some kitty gazing.

Play Time

Enzo's First Escape Attempt

I put Enzo in the middle of the activity mat and 20 short minutes later he has made it this far all on his own...

Smiles for Daddy

Click here to see all the smiles daddy got.

Adorable Blurrrrrr

toothy blurrrrr

bouncy blurrrr

Just Cute


Practice Makes Perfect

Enzo learned how to stick his tongue out today and he was practicing all day. I needed daddy to get home to distract him so that I could get a picture because every time I tried to catch the shot earlier in the day he decided to practice his grabbing instead.

(see daddy in the top left of the picture, showing me how to do it?)



Naps are not as common these days as they were in the early days, but they are just as sweet!


Enzo Attack

Enzo has been trying to teeth on EVERYTHING!

"Wii" Play Games!

Last Night Mommy and Daddy were playing the new Mario Brothers game on the Wii.  I really liked all the action and I even helped Mommy press some buttons. All the fun made me sleepy as you can see, but that didn't stop Mommy and Daddy....