The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Risk getting some flak for these...

...but he is just SO CUTE!

Don't worry - he can rock a tough guy look too...

"You look'n at me?"

These are NOT photos of Enzo

They're Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillars eating all of my parsley.

How they got on my roof deck in the middle of the city is beyond me. Gross!

Little Boy

Mommy thinks I look like a little boy now. Duh mom! I am a big boy now!


Here Comes Trouble!!

Kitties, cords, and camera stuff, oh my!!


Daddy's Latte Design

Daddy made mommy a really nice latte this morning.



Today Enzo was sitting next to his daddy on the couch and he looked over at me and waved all by himself - no prompting - he just wanted to say hi to his mommy. SO CUTE!!! It made my heart melt.

Enzo + Daddy Share Guy Humor

Only boys would find those noises so funny!


Enzo vs. the Teething Biscuit

It was a close match, but since Enzo needed a bath after eating the biscuit, I'd say the biscuit won.


Post Bath Eyelashes

I LOVE when Enzo's eyelashes are all wet - super cute!


keeping things in order

I like to keep things in chronological order, but I just got to sort through the pictures of Enzo meeting his cousin Rocco a couple of weekends ago.  Scroll down on the page or jump to the post here.