The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

So Many Boys!

All of our friends have boys - aside from the moms, there isn't a girl in the bunch!

Somebody needs to have a girl someday!!

Fun on the Greenway

After brunch we went to have some fun on the Greenway.

Brunch at Sel de la Terre

We had brunch with Rebecca and Brad and their entire crew at Sel de la Terre today. We were so excited to see everyone, we forgot to take photos, but we couldn't miss getting this in a photo!  Liam was helping Enzo walk around - Too Cute!!

Enzo's First Backpack

In the spirit of back to school time, I made Enzo a little backpack for fun. He looks super cute with it on!!


Breaking News!!!

Enzo just took 6 steps on his own!!

A Bow...I mean Tie!

This morning mommy had some fun with the ribbon's from Ollie and Charlie's gifts. Don't I look super cute?!

Mommy also wanted to tell you that this morning mommy asked me where her nose was and I promptly grabbed it and then she asked where daddy's nose was and I turned and grabbed his nose too! She is amazed at how smart I am, but I think she hasn't seen anything yet!

Wishing for a Segway?

Enzo has been getting in his push cart and then leaning forward expecting it to go - kind of like a segway.

Maybe it is a birthday gift hint? You've been growing so fast Enzo, but not that fast!

Enzo Uses a Spoon

Enzo can use a spoon with the food actually making it into his mouth about 10% of the time.

and the clean up...


Enzo's First Time Crawling Up Stairs

Crazy Baby!

Don't worry - daddy was spotting him.

Mom puts space planning skills to use in order to thwart baby.

Fewer feet of gate needed to keep Mr.Trouble out of trouble.