The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Dreamy Toddler

A good start to the day. Enzo went pee pee on the potty two more times and then fell asleep for his nap all on his own!

What a good little guy!

Lounging Like a Teenager

Maybe it was the outfit, the look on his face, the lounging style, but I felt like I was looking 15 years into the future at my teenage son!

click to make larger

Enzo's Footprints in the Sand

Mom's artsy photo for the day. ;)

Haircut at Salon de la Mama

Mommy thought I was looking homeless lately, but she didn't want me to get another short dorky cut, so she took matters into her own hands (literally!!).

She says it's not perfect, but not too bad. I think it just needs some soil like yesterday! ;)

YaYa's Shop

YaYa opened a new shop where she is selling her pretty jewelry. Mommy made a list of some of her favorite etsy items including YaYa's latest creations (top left corner).


"More Bubble"

Enzo and I had a date night because daddy had to work late. I decided he could have some "bubbles" (sparkling water) in a mini glass just like mine. He loved it and has really improved his drinking straight out of a cup. I was so excited when on his own he asked (and signed) "more bubble" when he was out!

I had to try to get him to say it again on video...


Mommy is so proud of you Enzo! Drinking out of a cup and putting words together and signing all at once!

Enzo's Crazy Design

This is Enzo's craziest tower to date!

Maybe we have a little architect in the making. If so, I will credit this as his first official work. After I took a picture I let him go back and do a little redesign...

He is so amazing!

Daddy's Defender Wears Mommy's Necklace

Ollie and Charlie's mommy sent my mommy a really nice gift for her birthday. I had fun inspecting it - very nice and top quality!!


Sleeping Perfection

Tonight we let Enzo run wherever his little heart desired in the Prudential Shopping Mall (he chose Club Monaco, Franklin Covey, and the Barnes and Noble before getting so excited that a diaper change was in order). This resulted in a fully passed out amazingly adorable little man at 8:00 pm.

Probably the only time I am going to get a non-blurry shot.

Mr. Trouble Strikes AGAIN!!

I dress him in a Superman shirt and this is what he does!

Special thanks to Miss Aoife for the shirt!