The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Baby Swing Nap

Since Enzo's surgery, we've been having to keep an eye on him while he naps. Today, I was on a cleaning rampage and happened to have this swing out to lend to a friend, so I put Enzo in it for his nap.

He slept for two hours in there! Just like old times...

Craving Veggie Chips

Apparently, Enzo was really hungry....

If he would eat all of those I would be happy.  ;)

"I want a cupcake!"

Today, we went to check out the famous Zaftigs for brunch this morning while running errands. While waiting for a table, I saw all the yummy desserts behind the glass and immediately said "I want a cupcake!" Once we sat down, mommy and daddy said, "How about French Toast!?" and I said, "No, how 'bout a cupcake!" Mommy told me there were no cupcakes on the kids menu and she showed me the menu and pointed out all of my favorites "french toast, mac n cheese, grilled cheese with fries..." and I then pointed to one of the words on the menu and said with excitement "CUPCAKE YAY!" When the waitress came I said "I have a cupcake," but mommy told her french toast. My french toast got there and I wasn't impressed, so....

Mommy and Daddy - 0, Enzo - 1

"like daddy's"

Today I got another haircut. This time mommy told Helen (the Arace Boys' hairdresser), "let's try a cut like daddy's this time." So, this is what I look like now...

As soon as I was done I said, "lollipop please!!!" and the ladies were so impressed that I remembered that I got one last time that they said I could have two! I got the same number of "he's so cute!" comments while shopping after the haircut as before the haircut, so I think it's a success!  ;)

My Passport Photo

Mommy thinks my new passport photo looks kind of retro...

It reminds her of this photo of my Great Grandpa Larry...

Similar frowns!  ;)

Rocks are cool like Anna and Justin

Today, I went with mommy and daddy over to Anna and Justin's house. Although, their house is very nice, I prefer to hang out in their driveway so that I can play with their rocks!

Mommy confessed that she often lets me take JUST ONE rock when we use their parking space. Free parking and free rocks; thanks Anna and Justin! ;)

Veggie Burger aka "Cookie!"

Today, I gave Enzo a veggie burger patty for the first time as part of his lunch. He took one look at it and said, "cookie!" and started eating it!

I was super excited. He didn't get through that much of it before falling asleep while eating lunch...

...Also, very exciting in my book!  ;)

Enzo's new blog theme!

We're trying out a new blog theme so that we can fit larger photos and images for your viewing pleasure. Please let us know if you have any technical issues with the new layout. THANKS!

Winter Hats 2011

We all know mommy has a thing for putting hats on me. Here are her selections for Fall/Winter 2011.

First Kiss (Already!)

Today, I got my first kiss! Mila and I were sitting on the play structure side by side, we locked eyes, both puckers our lips and leaned in for a full on, straight on the lips, lip smacking kiss! Mommy is in shock, but she should get used to it because I am going to be a ladies' man when I get older! I topped it off with some nice face petting. I am such a gentleman!