The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Elmer, I mean Enzo

Lunch with Mommy

After school I asked Mommy if I could have "a pizza with eyes on it for lunch [kid's bunny shaped pizza with olives for eyes] at the restaurant with the gummy bears [aka VaPiano]." 

...mmm! Thanks Mommy!

Enzo is eating - with chopsticks!!

If you know Enzo, you know he doesn't eat just anything and if he does, it's not much. Today, he ate an entire bento box of sushi rice using chopsticks by himself!

Yes, he ate ALL of that rice! (He started off a little slow as seen in this video, but was a pro by the end)

Needless to say, mommy will be offering chopsticks at mealtimes at home.

David Attenborough's Little Architect

Today Enzo asked, "Mommy, help me build a house!" so I made a little house out of his new blocks. Enzo added on to it extensively and then said, "Look Mommy! This is David Attenborough's house!"

Nice work Enzo! Mommy likes your addition way better than her original design.  ;)

Enzo's Wash Plant

Gold Rush Alaska's smallest and cutest fan ever has been asking to make his very own wash plant and after saving some recycles up for parts we finally got the job done. We used a toilet paper tube with some of Mommy's architectural model scraps to make the trommel screen. Nespresso pod boxes served as some of the structure as well as the sluice boxes. Mommy had to make it strong enough to run a dozen cheerios per minute. Check out all that gold (aka glitter glue) our awesome plant caught! 

 Though Mommy did most of the heavy lifting, Enzo definitely was calling the shots. As soon as Mommy finished the trommel Enzo held up two halves of a Nespresso box and said, "these are the sluice boxes Momma" (which I promptly googled and then agreed with him on).  ;)

2012 Holiday Card Outtakes


adorable future big brother

Enzo put his sippy cup of juice to my mouth and said "please feed this to my baby brother or sister." It took me a second to fully realize what he said and I said, "What honey?" and he replied, "you put it in your mouth and down in your belly and feed the baby."


Cutest. Thing. EVER.

Dust Bunny

Mommy finally caught on that I am usually the mess maker but never the mess cleaner. In fact, I usually say, "how 'bout mamma do it?" when she asked me to pick up. Today, I felt bad and decided to give her a hand with the dusting. 

Don't tell her, but I had fun!!

Giant Sandbox

Today, I discovered a "giant sandbox" near the playground! There were all of my favorite construction vehicles moving tons of dirt around. I told mommy they were "look'n for gold!" and asked "where all the boys were going" after they carefully parked their machines promptly at 3:00 PM. After they left, I went back to the regular sandbox and reenacted everything I saw the "boys" do.

Mommy wanted to mention one other unrelated incident. Later, some big boys (6 or 7 year olds) came to the playground and were playing chase and I randomly chose one boy to chase while saying "Hey, get back here Vigo! Follow me Vigo! Let's go over here Vigo!!" Mommy was pretty sure his name wasn't Vigo, so she asked me if I had asked his name and the boy said, "No! He didn't ask my name, he's just been calling me Vigo, but my name is William!" Mommy found this hilarious, but tried not to laugh while explaining to me his real name. I acted like I understood, but later when we were walking back to the car I asked, "Hey, where'd Vigo go?" Mommy just started cracking up.

Potty training take....

...who knows, but this time we're going hardcore! No more diapers except at bedtime as of Saturday. We took him out in public and he even got a haircut diaperless. This time we are trying to bribe him with gummy items and lollipops. I made a new potty chart that uses stamps and visual aids to help entice him to do his thing...

Note the lack of stamps under the No.2 section. We'll get there, right?