The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Exploring our new outdoor spaces

The weather was gorgeous today, so we went out exploring. We looked for bugs, checked out some "christmas trees," went to the playground, and took a brief break in the clubhouse.

Next time we'll check out the nature trails on the property!

Enzo's hard life

Eating bon bons while lounging and being pushed around in his stroller.

Vespa to the Playground

It was nice enough today to go check out the playground at my new house, so I took my Vespa for a ride.

I had a blast sliding down the slides into big piles of snow! Mommy thinks it's great that we can just go out our back door and walk on a path to the playground. No roads to cross and lots of space to run and use up some of my energy. On the way back I stopped at an evergreen tree and said "Hey Mommy, check out this Christmas tree!" Mommy giggled. 

Playdipity Gears

Today, I told mommy I wanted to go to the place space (Playdipity). We had a blast! These magnet gears are really awesome.

Will Smile for Cupcakes!

Look at the smile I got after I agreed to make cupcakes with Enzo...

Here he is testing the cream cheese frosting. The recipe called for 3 cups of sugar (which I refuse to do)! After only 2/3 of a cup I asked him to try it and to my surprise he said, "It tastes juuuust right!"

Love my adorable (healthy) little baker!

Dr. Enzo checking on his baby sister

He listened for quite a while before he was satisfied that she was doing well...


Animal Investigations

While reading his favorite animal book, Enzo asked, "What's in that whale's mouth mommy?" After some discussion on what could be in there (food, water, etc.) he decided, "I am going to get my flashlight to look!"

If only books were that interactive.

"Where's the menu?"

Today, I woke up in Nordstrom from a nice nap. Since it was almost 3 PM, I woke up hungry. I saw the Nordstrom Cafe and told Mommy "I want to go to that restaurant! Where's the menu?" Since I rarely ask to eat anything, Mommy jumped at my request. When the waitress asked if I wanted milk, chocolate milk or juice, I asked for regular milk (which made Mommy happy). Then when my grilled cheese with french fries came I asked Mommy, "Hey, where's my mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup?" Tough customer. While I was waiting for my condiments to come, I ate my grilled cheese faster than Mommy has ever seen me eat anything. She was impressed!!

After the nice people in the kid's department gave me a balloon and I watched the fish in their cool fish tank. Mommy is glad I like Nordstrom too!  ;)

Enzo "sharing" with his baby sister

He was listening to music with Andrew's headphones and he came over to me and said, "Where's your belly Mamma? The baby can listen too?" and promptly pulled up my shirt and stuck one of his earbuds in my belly button.

He also sometimes asks to give the baby a kiss goodnight after he kisses me. Such a sweet little boy!

"I want to listen to the baby!"

melt ♥