The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo's 4 week Interview


One Month

Only one month old but already the cutest little guy around.

Boys in the Chair

We attempted to get a picture of the boys in the story time rocker together and here are the results...

When Ollie wasn't trying to wave at Enzo, Enzo was falling over.

Beach with Ollie

Today we went to the beach with Ollie and Rebecca.  Enzo was the most covered person on the beach.

Ollie loved the sand...Enzo loved the shade...

First Tubbie

Enzo graduated from sponge baths to baths in his tub.  He was very relaxed in the warm water.

After his nice relaxing bath while all bundled up in his towel, Enzo decided that he was so relaxed he could go number one and two in the towel!!!  He promptly had his second tubbie and mommy and daddy made sure to put his diaper on asap.  ;)


Sunday News

Today Enzo's umbillical cord fell off and he now has a proper belly button.  Enzo also went to his first brunch this morning with Brad, Rebecca and Ollie.  Today was also the first time Enzo peed out the side of his diaper and got himself all wet. 

First Time in the Bjorn

Enzo looks so tiny in the Bjorn. He slept while I cleaned the house. He looked super cute.  I had to share...


Getting Longer

I thought he looked super long so I measured him and it looks like he is now 21.25" head to heel...

Hair Color?

Enzo's hair color is even lighter than mine I think...

We caught a sleepy smile on camera!


Reading with Dad

Enzo looks so much smaller when Andrew holds him.

This is what Enzo thinks of the books that daddy reads...