The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Special Request

A certain honorary auntie requested a profile shot sans le diaper, so here it is...

Doesn't he look bashful?

Sleepy Bear

Enzo's outfit was so cute yesterday but he wouldn't let me get a good picture.  Here's the best I could do....

Perfect Face

What a perfect face!

Yucky Weather = Lots of Photos

some tummy time...

and a wardrobe change...

still has blue eyes!

Bungee Boogie

Enzo likes bouncing to the music from daddy's favorite video game, Grim Fangdango.

knee high to daddy        -       happy dancer         -         better traction



Bouncing Ollie Style

Ollie gave us this bungee baby bouncer and boy did Enzo have fun...




The Quick Orange Fox...

Tummy Time Update

Enzo can now hold his head up for a really long time...

Fancy Feet

Enzo kicks his feet all the time but now he really likes to watch them in action.

Bonus Shot

I love his profile - it is sooo cute!!