The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Another Birthday Party!?!

I had a second birthday party for my second birthday with all my little city friends. I had a great time playing with all the boys (10 of them) and little Olivia too!

While us little guys partied hard, Mommy and Daddy had a party for Brad and Rebecca to send the off in style. Thanks everyone for such a great time!

Rocco D'Italia Turns One!

This was the best birthday party ever - Rocco had a bouncy house!!

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

Enzo is Two! Berkshire Birthday Party

Today, I had a really nice party at YaYa's house with all of my grandparents (YaYa, Nonna, Hinkpa, Nonno, Papa, and Sandy) and almost all of my great grandparents (Great Grandma Dee Dee and Great Grandpa Moore) and a great aunt (Aunt Beatrice) and an uncle (Uncle Dan)! I had a blast opening my gifts and I blew my birthday candle out on the first try! My Papa brought his puppy and I was so excited, Mommy thought I was going to pass out! Thanks to everyone for meeting me in the Berkshires for my special day!


Enzo Monthly - 24 Months

This month I liked to play with my buddies, to communicate a lot more and try to form sentences. Over the past year, I have grown so much! I am still a picky eater, but I am really good at sharing and mommy would argue that I am the loviest toddler around. 

Happy Birthday Enzo! Mommy and Daddy love you SO MUCH! You're such a good and sweet little boy!! And really smart too.  ;)

YaYa's Zillion Birthday Candles

Tonight we got to celebrate a milestone birthday with Yaya. Mommy and Hinkpa put a candle for each year on the cake!!! 

(that's why it looks like it is on fire!)

You'll have to try to count the candles to see how old she is because I'll never tell!

Happy Birthday Yaya!  

xoxo, Enzo

Liam is Three!

Tomorrow is my buddy Liam's official birthday, but we celebrated today by spending the whole day at the Children's Museum! We only took a short break at Flour for lunch and then we went straight back for some more fun!!

Happy Birthday LIAM!!!

Liam B. is Two!

Liam B turned two yesterday, so today we went over to his house to celebrate. Today was also his daddy's 32nd Birthday - Happy Birthday Brad B.! I really like his cool roadster. Maybe we can get together with our roadsters someday for a race!

Mommy's Birthday

Today mommy let me eat my lunch on the couch while I watched cartoons!! 

I sat there very nicely and ate my whole lunch. Happy Birthday mama!

Happy Birthday Uncle Dan!!!

Hope you have a fun day!

Love Enzo, Mommy and Daddy

Happy Birthday DADDY!!

I love to snuggle with my daddy - especially on his 30th Birthday!!!