The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Early Special Delivery from the Netherlands

Today, when I woke up from my nap mommy informed me that a special birthday package arrived from my buddies Ollie and Charlie in AMSTERDAM! When I opened the box, I frowned and said, "Where's Ollie and Charlie?" Then, mommy informed me that they only sent the gift and couldn't be shipped across the big ocean in a tiny box. Once we cleared that up, I opened all of my gifts. I especially liked the rocket ship and told momma, "That's really cool!"

Thanks Ollie and Charlie and Rebecca and Brad! We miss you guys!!

An Enzo original for Olivia's birthday.

Here I am giving Olivia the work of art I created especially for her birthday. I think she liked it!

Also, happy first anniversary to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie!

Zak's Picnic Birthday Party

I had a great time today at Zak's 3rd birthday party in Sparrow Park! We ran all around playing at the playground (I haven't been to a playground with Zak since my surgery!).

His grandma made a really good rocket birthday cake. What a fun day!

Zak's New Baby Brother!

This morning mommy woke up to a surprise message from my buddy Zak's mommy Maya saying she's in labor and Zak's daddy is away on business. This was very exciting for me because that meant I got to play with Zak all day!

We had lunch together, watched dinosaurs together and played with snakes together. Zak even slept over my house! His new baby brother was born at 6:00 PM and weighed 6.0 lbs (he was 3 weeks early). His name is Aaron Sacha Little.

What a cutie!

Ollie's Pirate Party - Arrrrr!

Today, Ollie had the coolest party ever! He had pirate hats and patches, buried treasure and a really nice pirate ship cake Rebecca and mommy made.

My favorite part was eating the rest of the pirate ship cake at the end of the night. Thanks for sharing Ollie! Happy Fourth Birthday!

1000 Days Old

As of May 3rd, 2012 at 5:43 PM EST, I am 1000 days old!

Mommy and daddy say they've been the best 1000 days ever!

Liam is Four!

I had a fantastic time at Liam's fourth birthday party today!

When we got in the car to leave I said "I love Wiam and Rocco!"

Great Grandma Dee Dee's Birthday Surprise!

Today, we drove to NY state to surprise Nanny on her @#th birthday! I got to see all of my little cousins and most of my big cousins too. I had a fantastic time!

Daddy's Birthday

I got to help him blow out the candles!

Happy Bday daddy!

Granny's Birthday at Nonna and Nonno's House

My great gram had her 88th birthday today! It was very special, and I got to TASTE her cake  and blow out all the candles TWICE. Gram and I shared a big slice, and Nonna helped me to eat all the pieces when i made a mess. We all enjoyed a nice big glass of cold milk, and Nonna is so happy that I like milk just like her.