The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Mommy's Shoes (again)

I am getting good at this!

Don't worry, I try on daddy's shoes sometimes too.

Coffee for Daddy

I decided daddy needed some coffee, so I climbed up on the step stool and said "I making daddy coffee!" Mommy helped me pick out a glass and showed me which buttons to press.

Daddy said it was especially good coffee!

Wacky Inflatable Pool Boy

It's been super hot lately, so mommy and daddy decided to get me a surprise!

A kiddy pool big enough for all my tiny friends. My tree frog really likes the palm trees. Yay!

Nap NOW!

One second I was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking some juice and the next I was like this...

Impromptu nap!

Meeting Baby Aaron

Baby Aaron and Maya came home from the hospital today! Here we are meeting him for the first time...

He was very tiny in my old car seat...

It reminded mommy of when they brought me home from the hospital...

And here is baby Olivia when she borrowed my car seat to come home as well!

So far, Aaron likes to eat, sleep and poop. Typical baby stuff. He wasn't that interesting to me, but my toy snake wanted to eat him and I had to keep the snake away. I said, "Bad snake! Oh no! He wants to eat the baby! Go away snake!!"

Aaron was nice and content.


Zak's New Baby Brother!

This morning mommy woke up to a surprise message from my buddy Zak's mommy Maya saying she's in labor and Zak's daddy is away on business. This was very exciting for me because that meant I got to play with Zak all day!

We had lunch together, watched dinosaurs together and played with snakes together. Zak even slept over my house! His new baby brother was born at 6:00 PM and weighed 6.0 lbs (he was 3 weeks early). His name is Aaron Sacha Little.

What a cutie!

Dining Outdoors

Momma made a nice summer pasta (that I only played with) and when I was bored with that, I decided to climb in daddy's shirt.

Vespa Helper

It was super hot out today, so after the sun went down a little, mommy put me in a nice and cool outfit and sent me out to help daddy fix the Vespa. I really liked handing daddy all tools he needed.

"Cheerios with milk please!"

This morning I had a special request for breakfast.

(I usually want a yogurt smoothie)

Father's Day 2012

Nonna, Nonno, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie came over for the day on Father's Day. We had some yummy food outside and then I came in and took a nap on the couch with Nonno.

I love you daddy and Nonno! Happy Father's Day!!!