The Arace Children

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bug catching


An Enzo original for Olivia's birthday.

Here I am giving Olivia the work of art I created especially for her birthday. I think she liked it!

Also, happy first anniversary to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie!

"Gimme Lollipop Please?!"

I just helped myself this time.



Lately, all I want to do is pretend to be a "giant T-Rex" and run around chasing people while roaring. There is tons of room for me to chase my prey, errr, Uncle Dan in YaYa's front yard!

I also chased the bunnies like that. 

Old School Gardening with the Nonni

I had a lot of fun playing with the water at Nonna's today! They even put me to work watering the garden.

I saw Nonno pruning the tomato plants and said "I help you Nonno!" and promptly picked a green tomato before anyone could stop me. Opps!

Velociraptor Bird Cage?

Mommy found my velociraptor in YaYa's birdcage. She thinks I am a super smarty pants because she figured I must have thought feathered dinosaurs belong in birdcages. 

Either that, or my dino ate something naughty and needed a time out.  ;)

Nonni bring ice cream!

My grandparents (Nonni) Nonna and Nonno came right over to see me when I got to the Berkshires and brought me ice cream cones!

Thanks, Nonni! I'll take two.  ;)

Hanging with the guys in the country

This week we left daddy to swelter in the hot city and mommy and I packed up and headed to YaYa's house in the Berkshires. Here I am getting some guy time in while hanging out with Uncle Dan and Hinckpa...

I love it when Hinckpa takes me in the woods (that I also sometimes call "the jungle") to see the stream. I ask him to bring me down the as soon as I wake up and then about twenty more times during the day. I fit perfectly on the little stone next to the frog pond near the stream!

AM Roof deck

Olivia came up today to play in the sandbox on the roof deck before it got too hot. 

We had fun, but mostly enjoyed eating goldfish crackers with our sandy hands.

Harbor Islands with Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie

Today, I took my first trip to Boston's Harbor Islands for some fun in the sun. After a quick ferry trip, we climbed a big mountain (at least to me) and had a picnic with a wonderful view of the city.

After that I am told we took a ferry to another island with a cool fort, but I fell asleep on the way there. Daddy stayed with me under a shady tree while Uncle Kyle, Auntie Julie and Mommy explored the fort.