The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Chilly Outside

Today was the coldest day of my life. (True, it was only 60 degrees, but I'm only 6 weeks old!)

Mommy put a hat on me when she had to go for a checkup. This did not make me very happy.

Footie PJs

Look how long and lean I am!

Sleepy Hedgehog

Stinky and He Knows It


Mommy and Me on the Computer

This is how mommy works on the blog...

Morning Nap

Don't I look sweet...

sneezes, hiccups and burps, oh my!

At home with mommy in the mornings - there isn't a lot to do except take videos of me.



Officially One Month Old Today

But I still can't fit into my 0 to 3 month pants...

I know I am growing fast and will fit into these in no time, but I need something to keep me warm on these chilly days in the meantime.


Innie or Outie?

Here is my new belly button - sometimes it looks like an innie and sometimes it pops out...