The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Dr. Enzo checking on his baby sister

He listened for quite a while before he was satisfied that she was doing well...


Animal Investigations

While reading his favorite animal book, Enzo asked, "What's in that whale's mouth mommy?" After some discussion on what could be in there (food, water, etc.) he decided, "I am going to get my flashlight to look!"

If only books were that interactive.

"Where's the menu?"

Today, I woke up in Nordstrom from a nice nap. Since it was almost 3 PM, I woke up hungry. I saw the Nordstrom Cafe and told Mommy "I want to go to that restaurant! Where's the menu?" Since I rarely ask to eat anything, Mommy jumped at my request. When the waitress asked if I wanted milk, chocolate milk or juice, I asked for regular milk (which made Mommy happy). Then when my grilled cheese with french fries came I asked Mommy, "Hey, where's my mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup?" Tough customer. While I was waiting for my condiments to come, I ate my grilled cheese faster than Mommy has ever seen me eat anything. She was impressed!!

After the nice people in the kid's department gave me a balloon and I watched the fish in their cool fish tank. Mommy is glad I like Nordstrom too!  ;)

Enzo "sharing" with his baby sister

He was listening to music with Andrew's headphones and he came over to me and said, "Where's your belly Mamma? The baby can listen too?" and promptly pulled up my shirt and stuck one of his earbuds in my belly button.

He also sometimes asks to give the baby a kiss goodnight after he kisses me. Such a sweet little boy!

Play date at Playdipity

While playing at my new favorite indoor play space, Playdipity, I came over to Mommy and said, "Please take my picture with this beetle? CHEESE!!"

"I want to listen to the baby!"

melt ♥

Elmer, I mean Enzo

Family Holiday Time 2012

I started opening gifts the Sunday before Christmas when Nonna, Nonno, Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie came to visit!

By the time Christmas morning came around I was barely interested in opening the rest of the gifts under the tree (hence the lack of photos this year).

Happy Birthday to my Great Grandma Dee Dee (also sometimes known as De-Dah)! xoxo

Christmas Cookie Bake Off 2012

Today we made 6 kinds of cookies and candied citrus peels! I apparently inherited my dad's love of cookie dough because I was sampling all day.

This might be Mommy's new favorite picture of Daddy and me...

This is how they all turned out...

Mommy thinks I ate my own weight in cookies!

Enzo's One Man Band

An instrument in each hand wasn't enough...