The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Daddy and Enzo's Urban Planning

Mommy saw our city planning in the tub and thought we did some nice work.


Good Day/Bad Day

Today we met up with my buddies Liam and Rocco at Mucky Kids Art Studio. I had a fantastic time there painting wooden eggs and playing with slime! Then, we went to go to lunch at a great pizza place next door and it went downhill from there. Here we are running to the restaurant (we ran right past it)...

I was a little rowdy in the restaurant, but nothing beyond the scope of a typical three year old's behavior. I was getting a little tired and by the time we left and started to ignore Mommy's instructions (to put it mildly). I had one of my hugest fits ever outside and we left the playdate as I was kicking and screaming in Mommy's arms - an extra tricky maneuver these days with Mommy's giant baby belly. After Mommy used all her strength to force me into my car seat, and a few more minutes of screaming, I passed out for a 3+ hour nap. Daddy heard the report for the day from Mommy and instructed her to swing by the office where he was working and gave her a much needed hug, latte, and cookie to get her through the afternoon traffic home. Hopefully, that will be the last major melt down for 2013, but Mommy isn't holding her breath. 

Date Night with Mommy

Daddy had to work late tonight, so I went to dinner with Mommy at Legal Sea Foods.

That sat us right next to the giant fish tank and I ordered the fish sticks.

I was pretty good for Mommy and was very proud of myself. I told her, "Look! I ate all of my bread!"

Enzo Ideas

Enzo lost his hexbug under the fridge this evening while we were making dinner. He told us, "We need a grown-up tool to get it."

After Daddy got it out, Enzo said, "I'll use another grown-up tool to catch it."

More French Toast

I love making french toast with Daddy! Sometimes I even eat it for dinner. I know all the ingredients and which order to use them. There is one special step that I like to do. I always take one bite of the bread before I put it in the egg mixture.

My Guys

adorable ♥

Getting Ready for Spring and Summer

new swim/sun outfit. new sunhat. new spider rain boot.

Target Nap

I didn't take a nap today, so when we went to go get daddy from work mommy thought I would pass out in the car. I heard we were going to Target, so I made myself stay awake long enough to walk into the store. I then promptly asked daddy to hold me and passed out in his arms. Daddy was getting a little warm holding me so he found a cozy spot for me in a cart. 

I didn't even crack an eyelid. Out cold for the night!

Still a messy eater

Still get more yogurt on me than in me.

Will Smile for Cupcakes!

Look at the smile I got after I agreed to make cupcakes with Enzo...

Here he is testing the cream cheese frosting. The recipe called for 3 cups of sugar (which I refuse to do)! After only 2/3 of a cup I asked him to try it and to my surprise he said, "It tastes juuuust right!"

Love my adorable (healthy) little baker!