The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Ikea Patterns

Enzo saw the pattern of bug lights on the wall and spontaneously decided to recreate the pattern himself on the floor...

He wouldn't let us go until he finished. (not sure why daddy didn't get a shot of the finished product)

Parade Day at School

Today we wore costumes to school and had a parade with flags we made to show them off. I went in my doctor scrubs my cousins Rocco and Gio sent me (thanks guys!)

The weather wasn't cooperating, so we marched inside. 

Spring 2013 is Here!

I was super tired after school today, but I still wanted to enjoy the 70 degree weather. Here was my solution...

New Green Kicks

 Even though they're Pumas, I insist I can run "fast like a cheetah. 40 miles per hour!"

First Baseball Bat

Mommy had a surprise for me when she picked me up from school today. My first baseball bat!

She obviously has no idea what she's doing when it comes to sports because she should have gotten me a t-ball set so I actually had a chance to hit a ball. I did the best with what I had to work with (Mommy isn't a great pitcher either) and managed to hit the ball once!! Mommy was impressed.



Pizza Maker Enzo

Mommy loves when her boys make dinner!


Ollie and Charlie's Mommy Rebecca sent Mommy a funny card in Dutch with pickles on it. Zwanger means pregnant in Dutch and both Rebecca and Mommy think this word is pretty funny. Here I am saying hi to my baby sister and trying to hold up Mommy's zwanger belly...

Mommy thinks it's funny that I really braced myself and took a nice wide stance to hold up her giant belly!

Here is a countdown timer for Baby Arace 2.0's due date. (there is also a link on the right of the blog for easy access)

Breakfast with the Busey's

This morning we went over to Stars, a great diner we found in Hingham, for breakfast with Olivia and her Mommy and Daddy. We both ate like champs! 

Later, they came back to our house and we had an egg hunt and went to the playground. Olivia was very brave on the big slides!


Backyard Egg Hunt

The Cohasset Easter Bunny came a little early this year....

It took us a while, but we eventually found all the eggs!

Hand Tile Day

Ever since I started my new school, I've been admiring all the handprints on the walls in the lobby. Today, I got to make my own for the wall!

I can't wait to find my hand once they put it up!