The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Formal Introduction to My Spider Shirt

This is me in my spider shirt. Yes, I was wearing it two days ago, and you should prepare yourself to see me in it a lot more since I've officially declared it my "favorite shirt!"

Mommy and Daddy already had to spot clean it a couple of times because it didn't have time to go through the wash before I demanded to wear it again. This is the first time I've ever cared what I am wearing, but who can resist an awesome shirt with a giant spider on it!?

Flower Delivery Boy

Today is Olivia's Nana Karen's birthday, so I brought her over a special delivery on the back of my trike. 


Spiders Spiders Everywhere

I caught my first spider in my bug vacuum!

Then, I had to wear my spider shirt of course...

Columbus Park Playground Fun

After a yummy brunch at City Landing, we headed over to the Columbus Park Playground to get some energy out...

6 boys... for now!

Tonight we're having a big dinner with the D'Italia's and the Koerner boys all together! There are six boys: Tyler, Liam, Ollie, Enzo, Charlie, and Rocco. This morning Mommy made 6 finger puppet snakes, with 6 sketchbooks and activities to keep us all busy at the nice restaurant. 

Grammy Bev (Ollie and Charlie's Grandmother) and Brian also came to eat with us at Temazcal. Here we are enjoying our meal (we were very good, even though we look a little crazy in this photo - we were trying to see a giant ship in the harbor going by the restaurant)...

The next trip when we all get together, we'll be 6 boys and 1 girl! 

Enzo's Latest Tower

I don't know if he's going to be a structural engineer, or if he just needs one...

Park Bench Sketch and Study

Enzo is studying his reptiles pocket field guide and Ollie is sketching the city...

I wonder what these two are going to be when they grow up?  

Boys in Primary Colors

Rebecca sent over these adorable photos of the boys running around at the Rose Kennedy Greenway...

Thanks Rebecca!

Target run for the boys

Today, after school, my buddies Ollie and Charlie arrived in Boston! I was so excited! Before we went into the city to see them, I got to go to my favorite store - Target! - to pick out some stuff for my buddies' hotel room. I shopped until I dropped - or at least decided to take a rest in the cart...

How many toys does it take

... to circle the couch? He started off counting them, but we can't get past "thirty" because he says "firty" and then when we get to "forty" he gets very confused. I guess we need to work on the "th" sounds. He had fun though.  ;)