The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Father's Day Art Take II

This time I used finger paints that Liam and Rocco brought me....

This was my first time using actual finger paints and I was more interested in squishing them in my hands than actually painting. It wasn't a total bust. With some help from mommy, I came up with this for Great Grandpa Moore...

Dino Cave with Daddy

Tonight, daddy made me a super cool cave that I immediately added dinosaurs to. I also put all of my plastic bugs and got out my flashlight. It was super fun!!

Jeremy (Joo Joo) came up and explored with us too. Mommy thought the cave was too creepy with all those bugs and dinosaurs, but she went in for just a minute.

Cookies with Liam and Rocco

Today, Liam and Rocco came to my house to play and make cookies with me! They are my very firsts little friends to come and visit after my surgeries. 

We had a fantastic time and Liam is a really good chef! I loved making cookies and can't wait to do it again sometime! Thanks guys!

My Second Surgery

So, here I am back in the Hospital again one week later. This time at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston. For unknown reasons I had some complications and needed another surgery, but this time around everyone knew what to expect and things went really well. Mommy and daddy said I was really brave, but I don't remember a thing!

The week in between surgeries was pretty hectic and there are no photos to share. I was generally in good spirits and let mommy and daddy do all the worrying. I spent some time at YaYa's and Nonna's while mommy and daddy went to Auntie VaVa's wedding. I was a very good boy and was able to wear glasses to protect my eye instead of a shield. I let mommy and daddy put lots of drops in my eyes and I was very good at my doctors visits. I let the doctor look in my eyes with a light, put my chin on the cool eye machine, and even let the doctor do an eye pressure test and an ultrasound on my eye!

My Surgery

For those friends and family who may not know, Enzo was diagnosed with a cataract in his left eye a few weeks ago. It is a developmental cataract (anterior subcapsular cataract) that was most likely there when he was born, and has since become worse. Rachel and I noticed his left eye starting to wander and not point in the same direction as his right eye, especially when he was looking all the way to the right. After taking him to the pediatrician, and then the ophthalmologist, the cataract was discovered blurring about 50% of his vision. Because of this, his brain was starting to make his right eye very dominant, and left untreated would have led to total blindness in his left eye.

This morning, the kind and amazing Doctor Deborah Vanderveen at Boston Children's Hospital (Waltham) did his surgery and replaced his clouded lens with a new artificial lens. He is at home and recovering well. Aside from some initial anger and thrashing at being covered with an eye patch when he woke up from anesthesia, he is doing very well, and is currently acting almost normal at home, even with the eye patch. The patch will come off tomorrow, but he will have a month of eye drops and care.


Lady Amsterdam at Amsterdam playground (5 of 1000)

Today, I caught my first ladybug at a super fun playground with a really deep sandbox. She let us examine her for about five whole minutes before she flew away.

After finding the ladybug Ollie, daddy and I continued to dig a really big hole as deep as I am tall! It was awesome!