The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Vacation from Mommy and Daddy

Mom and Dad had a lot of work to do around the house, so I decided to help them out by asking to go to Yaya's house. Mommy met Yaya and Hinckpa halfway and made the switch on Friday. Today, Yaya and Hinckpa took me to the Berkshire Museum where I told them everything I know about the reptiles that were there. I pointed out a Boa Constrictor Snake on a chart and then brought Yaya across the room to show her which one was "the same one!" I had an amazing time looking for dinosaur bones and watching all of the animals get there food. Thanks for a super fun day that I will be telling Mommy about for weeks!

Tomorrow, I asked to go to Nonna and Nonno's house for the day. I'm going to surprise them in honor of grandparent's day! Maybe I'll stay here in the Berkshire for another week!  ;)

little trikers

This is the summer that I should have learned to drive my trike like a crazy person, but I was restricted because of my surgeries. All of my buddies can ride pretty well, but for now I needed to practice with someone my own speed. 

Thanks for waiting for me Olivia!

sneaky sleeper


12:00 - 15:00 -  Enzo skips his nap

19:00 - Enzo passes out for the night

Early Thursday

3:00 - Enzo wakes up, daddy returns him to bed but doesn't turn his motion alarm back on

5:00 - mommy hears tiny footsteps but doesn't have her glasses nearby, so she asks daddy to peak; daddy says he sees nothing.

6:55 - mommy gets up 5 minutes before daddy's alarm goes off (as usual), uses the bathroom, gets her glasses and sees this....

7:30 - daddy puts Enzo in his spot in bed

7:31 - Enzo climbs out and onto the floor and does this....

My First Egg Cup

Mila brought me back this super cool egg cup from Italy! Mom was hoping it would help me to want to eat eggs. 

I did one dip with my toast and that was it, but mom thinks that is better than nothing!  ;)

bug catching


Harbor Islands with Uncle Kyle and Auntie Julie

Today, I took my first trip to Boston's Harbor Islands for some fun in the sun. After a quick ferry trip, we climbed a big mountain (at least to me) and had a picnic with a wonderful view of the city.

After that I am told we took a ferry to another island with a cool fort, but I fell asleep on the way there. Daddy stayed with me under a shady tree while Uncle Kyle, Auntie Julie and Mommy explored the fort.

Coffee for Daddy

I decided daddy needed some coffee, so I climbed up on the step stool and said "I making daddy coffee!" Mommy helped me pick out a glass and showed me which buttons to press.

Daddy said it was especially good coffee!

potty update: day 5

mommy and daddy are in the kitchen working on a recipe. enzo is playing with his construction toys in the living room in his pjs. daddy looks in the living room and sees enzo trying to remove the tray in his potty and goes to investigate. it's full of pee and enzo's pants are on and dry! he's gone to the potty himself. put his pants down and up and was about to clean up after himself! 

hopefully, this is a good sign!

Vespa Helper

It was super hot out today, so after the sun went down a little, mommy put me in a nice and cool outfit and sent me out to help daddy fix the Vespa. I really liked handing daddy all tools he needed.

Enzo's First Snake Drawing

We've been watching a lot of documentaries on snakes and lizards around here lately while Enzo recovers from his surgeries. Not surprisingly, our art projects have been reptile themed as well. Here is Enzo's first drawing done all by himself of a "wrattle snake!"

He drew it himself and pointed out all of these features to me...

I was impressed!