The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Formal Introduction to My Spider Shirt

This is me in my spider shirt. Yes, I was wearing it two days ago, and you should prepare yourself to see me in it a lot more since I've officially declared it my "favorite shirt!"

Mommy and Daddy already had to spot clean it a couple of times because it didn't have time to go through the wash before I demanded to wear it again. This is the first time I've ever cared what I am wearing, but who can resist an awesome shirt with a giant spider on it!?

Spiders Spiders Everywhere

I caught my first spider in my bug vacuum!

Then, I had to wear my spider shirt of course...

Ikea Patterns

Enzo saw the pattern of bug lights on the wall and spontaneously decided to recreate the pattern himself on the floor...

He wouldn't let us go until he finished. (not sure why daddy didn't get a shot of the finished product)

Parade Day at School

Today we wore costumes to school and had a parade with flags we made to show them off. I went in my doctor scrubs my cousins Rocco and Gio sent me (thanks guys!)

The weather wasn't cooperating, so we marched inside. 

First Baseball Bat

Mommy had a surprise for me when she picked me up from school today. My first baseball bat!

She obviously has no idea what she's doing when it comes to sports because she should have gotten me a t-ball set so I actually had a chance to hit a ball. I did the best with what I had to work with (Mommy isn't a great pitcher either) and managed to hit the ball once!! Mommy was impressed.



Easter Eggs

This was my first time coloring Easter Eggs. I was a natural and actually stayed pretty clean!

Hand Tile Day

Ever since I started my new school, I've been admiring all the handprints on the walls in the lobby. Today, I got to make my own for the wall!

I can't wait to find my hand once they put it up!

Exploring our new outdoor spaces

The weather was gorgeous today, so we went out exploring. We looked for bugs, checked out some "christmas trees," went to the playground, and took a brief break in the clubhouse.

Next time we'll check out the nature trails on the property!

Build a Bear

Today we went to Build a Bear to make a new buddy for me in honor of our new place. I didn't pick a bear, I picked a leopard!

First I picked out a heart and then I helped stuff him.

Then I fluffed him up and he got his very own house to go home in. The house was almost as big as me!

Part of the proceeds from my Leopard go to the WWF! It's a win win.  

"Where's the menu?"

Today, I woke up in Nordstrom from a nice nap. Since it was almost 3 PM, I woke up hungry. I saw the Nordstrom Cafe and told Mommy "I want to go to that restaurant! Where's the menu?" Since I rarely ask to eat anything, Mommy jumped at my request. When the waitress asked if I wanted milk, chocolate milk or juice, I asked for regular milk (which made Mommy happy). Then when my grilled cheese with french fries came I asked Mommy, "Hey, where's my mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup?" Tough customer. While I was waiting for my condiments to come, I ate my grilled cheese faster than Mommy has ever seen me eat anything. She was impressed!!

After the nice people in the kid's department gave me a balloon and I watched the fish in their cool fish tank. Mommy is glad I like Nordstrom too!  ;)