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Lady Amsterdam at Amsterdam playground (5 of 1000)

Today, I caught my first ladybug at a super fun playground with a really deep sandbox. She let us examine her for about five whole minutes before she flew away.

After finding the ladybug Ollie, daddy and I continued to dig a really big hole as deep as I am tall! It was awesome!

Queen's Day, Amsterdam 2012

WHOA! Millions of people wearing orange (literally. Mommy and daddy say they've never seen so many people in one place). The people of Amsterdam really know how to party!

There were people dancing on boats going down the canals, tons of street food and drink, and a giant tag sale all at once. we had to step away from the crowds more than once to let the kids burn off some stream. Here are Enzo and Charlie running around in circles in Vondelpark.

(these photos don't give you a real feel for what it was like because all of us were holding on to the kids and trying to stay together through huge crowds and were unable to take pictures. here's a video of just one intersection in the city, on the outskirts of the city center)

Down time at Vondelstraat


Garden Party

This evening we played in Ollie and Charlie's beautiful garden. They have lots of really cool construction toys to use!

Amsterdam Playground (4 of 1000)

I loved this playground because I could climb, climb and climb some more!

The shake shake bridge was fun too.

Amsterdam playground post puking

The first couple of days in Amsterdam, mommy and I had a stomach bug, so we were taking it easy. We decided to go out for some fresh air and to check out the closest playground to Ollie and Charlie in Vondelpark. On the way, I puked on the sidewalk, but that didn't stop me! Here is how it went; "blech [me puking], woo hooo! Let's go to the playground!!"

See, you could never tell I wasn't feeling well in these photos. I was having a blast. The fresh air must have helped because that was the last time I got sick.

Amsterdam Playground (1 of 1000)

Playground. Lunch. Tulips (so I am told - I was sleeping).

Off to Amsterdam!

Here I am on my very first flight!

I figured out all of the gadgets like the tray table and the remote control in the armrest before we even took off!

I was really good on both flights. The best part was being able to watch unlimited amounts of Curious George!

I fell asleep on the second flight and woke up at my buddies Ollie and Charlie's house in Amsterdam.