The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo Monthly - 7 Months

This month I tried lots of new foods and can sit up by myself really well. I also have 7 teeth!


Enzo Monthly - 6 Months Old

I can sit up on my own for a few minutes, I can roll over, and now I can eat food. My favorite toy is anything that isn't actually a toy. I love when daddy gets home from work and I always give him big smiles to welcome him back.

"Mom, just take the picture!"

Enzo Monthly - 5 Months Old

4 Month Well Baby Visit

Enzo had his four month well baby visit today.  He is 25.75" long (77th %) and 14lbs 1.5 ounces (34th %) and his head was 42 cm around (about 50th %). He got some shots in the left leg, cried for less than 60 seconds and was a happy boy again.  We will see how he does tomorrow because last time the day after the shots was the worst! The Doctor said he can stand up all the time if he wants to...

sooo cute + such a good boy!

Enzo Monthly - 16 Weeks

Enzo Monthly - 14 Weeks


Enzo Monthly - 12 Weeks

10 Weeks Old Today!

I am growing so fast!

Especially my cheeks!

Officially 2 Months Old

Today Enzo went for his 2 month check up.  He weighs 11 lbs 13.5 oz and he is 22.5" long!  The nurse measured his head and said "his brain is getting bigger!."  He is lucky - sort of - because he is getting a little bit of a cold so all of his shots have been moved to next week.


Enzo Monthly - 8 Weeks