The Arace Children

A blog for the smallest members of our family.

Enzo Monthly - 18 Months

I am 23 pounds 1 ounce (15th %) and 32.25 inches long (about 50th %). This month I really liked adding new words to my vocabulary like, "out shy" (outside), "bubble," "shoe," and many more! I like to count with YaYa and even hold up one finger while saying "wah" (one). I can blow kisses and give high fives, and yes, I STILL like to climb on everything! I learned how to drink from a cup all on my own with very little spillage. I have also become a master at stacking blocks and Dr.Klein was VERY impressed with the photos daddy showed her of my block masterpieces! 


Enzo Monthly - 17 Months

This month I really like to watch Elmo, and some other shows on PBS Sprouts. I really like my Elmo doll and I give him kisses and hugs and even some of my snacks. He takes naps with me and when I wake up Elmo and my blankie have to come out of the crib with me. I like to say "wow" and love to point out birds in books and outside while saying "birrr." The most exciting thing this month has been playing in the snow - I love to stomp in it with my boots and the other day I brought my boots to mama when we were getting ready to leave and said "boot!"

Enzo Monthly - 16 Months

This month I like to run around by myself wherever we go, I learned about edges (and how not to fall off them), I can use remotes and I know which one to point where, and my favorite book at the moment is Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo. I am really attached to my blankie now and I just decided to stop nursing. I got all 4 of my cuspids at once! I don't like holding mommy or daddy's hand or eating much of anything.


Enzo Monthly - 15 Months

This month I liked to chase the kitties, climb on EVERYTHING, and throw balls with daddy. I also got all four of my first molars at once! I weigh 21 lbs 6 oz and am 31" tall.


Enzo Monthly - 14 Months

This month I learned to walk and RUN!! I have 2 molars popping through. I love to climb on EVERYTHING and test my balance on one foot. I say a bunch of words (or close to words), but "uh oh" and "bah!!" (bad!!) are my favorite.

Mommy says this is why the photo is so bad...



Enzo Monthly - 13 Months

This month I liked to put caps and lids on and off things, I liked to open and close cabinets and I liked trying to walk! I also got 2 more teeth!



Enzo Monthly - 11 Months

I learned a lot this month. I can pull up to stand. I can sit back down. I can walk if you hold my hand. I can crawl like crazy. I can clap. I can scream for fun really loud and I am more chatty.


Happy Birthday to my new buddy Charlie!!! We can't wait to meet you!

Enzo Monthly - 10 Months

I can wave. I can point with my pointer finger. I can grab cute little girls at playgoup. I am basically a ten month old flirt!


Enzo Monthly - 9 Months

At my 9 month well baby visit I was 17 lbs 8 ounces (seconds after eating about 12 ounces of breakfast) and I was 28" long. I am in the 5th % for weight and 40th % for height. Mommy and Daddy need to fatten me up with butter and cheese and olive oil. I am all clear to eat whatever they eat and since I learned to feed myself this month I can have lots of finger foods! I also learned to shake my head no when I don't want something and sometimes I just do it for fun when I am playing. Even though I can't crawl on all fours I can scoot and shimmy pretty well and I have been standing a lot more lately.



Enzo Monthy - 8 Months

Now that I am 8 months old I make all kinds of new noises. I also like to go to classes with other babies. I don't like the car anymore and I don't have a problem letting mommy and daddy know about it.