The Arace Children

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Enzo Monthly - 48 Months

Today I am 4 years old.

This year has been a busy one. I moved to a new town, went to pre-school, and got a new baby sister.

I love bugs and exploring with Daddy, I learned to ride a bike, and got a bunk bed.

 Look how much I have grown! 


Enzo Monthly - 36 Months

Today I am three years old! I was able to count out three candles for my cupcake. I still love all dinosaurs and reptiles. I can name lots of them. I like to pretend I am a T-Rex and chase all of my friends around. I like narrating everything as I see it. I don't eat as well as I did six months ago, but mommy thinks I sure do look bigger in this photo! I've endured three surgeries and I have glasses now. I learned to use the potty and I still enjoy playing in the sand (and maybe occasionally peeing in it). Mommy and daddy think I am the sweetest little boy and love waking up to my cute little face smiling at them every morning.

Here's my three years in thirty seconds...

1000 Days Old

As of May 3rd, 2012 at 5:43 PM EST, I am 1000 days old!

Mommy and daddy say they've been the best 1000 days ever!

Enzo Monthly - 30 Months

That's right, I am two and a half years old now! For the past six months I've been learning to talk pretty well. I can ride my scooter, I love alligators, crocodiles and dinosaurs, I eat slightly better, and I learned to sleep in a big boy bed.  I have been going to an Isis class with mommy once a week for the past year, but as of the first of this year I added one morning a week at a preschool without mommy. I still prefer the class over school, but I am warming up at school and really like to do art projects and play in the basketball courts. Mommy thinks I had a little growth spurt because I have to duck to run under tables now. Mommy also says I amaze her everyday with the new things I learn and she is really proud that she has such a smart and sweet little boy!

It's a good thing we moved to every six months for a photo with my bear in the chair because I really hate to stay in one place these days!

Enzo Monthly - 24 Months

This month I liked to play with my buddies, to communicate a lot more and try to form sentences. Over the past year, I have grown so much! I am still a picky eater, but I am really good at sharing and mommy would argue that I am the loviest toddler around. 

Happy Birthday Enzo! Mommy and Daddy love you SO MUCH! You're such a good and sweet little boy!! And really smart too.  ;)

Enzo Monthly - 23 Months

This month I LOVED trains and construction vehicles! I always had at least one in my hand - even during nap time. I had lots of playdates and shared my toys like a good friend. I also liked to put 2 words together (No more! and All done! are my favorite combos) and to do puzzles (especially transportation related puzzles). I did not like to take my monthly photo (see outtakes below).

This month's photo started out a lot like last month's photo until daddy got my train and digger for me to hold...

Mommy can't believe next month I will be two!

Enzo Monthly - 22 Months - take one

So, we've been a little busy lately and are behind on our Enzo Monthly post. I tried to get a shot today, but Master Arace wasn't in the mood...

He got down and ran away...

The sandbox sounded like a better idea to him! I'll have to try again later.  ;)

Enzo Monthly -21 Months

This month I liked trying to say lots of words. I really liked dancing and running outside. I also liked to spend time on the decks in the nice weather. Aside from my dancing, mommy thinks the funniest thing I did this month was ask for more cookies during story time at my class. After story time was done, I went back to the story time special blanket, sat down nicely, and said (and signed) "more please!!!" [actual pronounciation: "morh leeeezzzz!"] This memory melts mommy's heart and makes her crack up everytime she thinks of it!

Enzo Monthly - 20 Months

This month I liked to count everything. I also learned to jump from the arm of the couch to the seat of the couch. I really love gardening (aka, making mud puddles out of mommy's planters) and going for walks.

Mommy thinks I look so big this month compared to last month!

Enzo Monthly - 19 Months

This month I like to run around like crazy, read lots of books, practice my counting and to remind mama to be quiet by holding my finger to my mouth and saying "shhhh." I don't like sitting still unless I am watching Elmo. I also like playing ball with the guys. I can kick the ball like a pro now! I also LOVE to be chased - it makes me laugh hysterically every time!